Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!

This year I am happy to be home to spend Mother's Day with my mom.  Last year I sent her flowers and Skyped her but it still wasn't the same as being here to hug her like I could today.

I don't like to brag but I have a pretty amazing mom. She has always been there, she has always been supportive, she can cook like a pro and makes sure we all eat healthy, she is my gym buddy who pushes me to get up and go every day, she make sure we all have what we need, but most of all she is loving and caring. I really could go on and on and still not even begin to describe my mom to you other than that she holds this family together and I don't know who I would be without her because she has helped shaped who I am.

I mean she flew halfway around to world with my dad to visit Ryan and I for a week.  Where we made them walk around in the rain (what would be called a flash flood in the States) shopping.  She didn't care, she was having a blast...she even took off her shoes to walk barefoot throught the streets of Itawan, Soul. She also ate Squid pizza on an upside down bucket on top of a mountain at a temple in the rain....and didn't complain once!

Today I gave my mom lots of hugs, a card, a gift, and yet I still feel like that is sadly not enough to thank her for all that she did and still does for me. I mean really now people I am 24 years old and my mom still cooks just about all of my meals, makes sure I leave the house looking put together and not like the crazy hot mess I am most days, sews on my buttons and the list could go on and on. Really she takes amazing care of me. Any time I need anything she is some how there with it, or quickly gets it to me.  I use to get the best care packages when I was over seas sent to me full of all kinds of things I missed from home.

Anyways today we went to church, the kids sang songs, did all the prayers, and did a really cute job. Just in case you want to know what has been stuck in my head all day it goes a little something like this "Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world...." and so on and so forth. Then we headed home where dad (and yes even mom) made an amazing lunch of grilled baked potatoes, steaks, baked asparagus, and a fruity desert. Then it rained for the rest of the day so we had a lazy day, well dad didn't he had to head out of town but mom and I had a lazy day.

So that was our day in a few, very short, words. And now here is our day in photos, very few photos.

"Mom, who noes what I'd do without you?"
Mom and I before Church.

Chris even skyped in for Mother's Day lunch from Germany!

And a really bad photo of mom's gift.
I feel like I can't wrap up this Mother's Day post without thanking my grandma, the woman who made it possible for me to have such an amazing  mom.  She raised my mom with lots of love, nurtering, and kindness teaching her everything she knew so that she could grow up and be the amazing mom I have today. 

Sadly I don't (or at least I don't on this computer) have a photo of me, mom, and grandma.
I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!


Jamie said...

Looks like a great Mothers Day weekend!

WhisperingWriter said...

How nice.

I love Skype.

Melissa said...

Sounds like a really great Mother's Day! I love the picture in the rain.