Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hey It's Okay

Happy Tuesday! I really don’t have much to say this Tuesday morning so let’s just jump to the point and get started. Today I am linking up with Whispering Writer for Hey It's Okay.

Hey It’s Okay:

To be excited the finally be done with some of the training test I had to take at work.

To understand when people put bumper stickers on their windows, those come off.  To not understand why you would put them all crooked and off center with some crazy saying on it on your bumper or wherever. That's just like a tattoo for your car it will never come off.   Please don’t take me the wrong way here I love crazy bumper stickers, I love some of the sayings, I always get a good laugh, I just wonder why you would put them all over your bumper.  Also I don’t quite get the little people that let crazy people know just how many people are in your family….however this picture my friend posted on Facebook does make me laugh:

To not know how to make that photo smaller.  I click on it....then I hit the different size choices....and then it does nothing.

To drive slow and try to break for squirrels. This is harder said than done thought, I sometimes feel like the they are always trying to either commit suicide, or test my driving skills when dart out in front of me, then dash back and forth in a zig zagging motion as I wait for them to move.

To be really excited about giving mom her Mother’s day gift this year! I will post about it after I give it to her.

To like to blog but LOVE to sleep....maybe that is why this poor old blog doesn't get as much attention as maybe it should. I mean in my head by blog is on fire…funny how things never go as we would like them too.

To have found out that I have a TON of drafts....and to slowly be working on them...so maybe some of those will be coming to you soon.

To have just checked out a book that I just turned in Sunday...because I ran out of “recheck out” options.....this time I got it for my Kindle so maybe I will finish it.

To think this is just a little funny:


Alice said...

I LOVE that bumper sticker. I saw it on ifunny and was cracking up about it all weekend. I too have a bunch of drafts that I never finished. Some are funny and some I'm glad stayed drafts. :)

WhisperingWriter said...

I also saw that photo on Facebook and loved it. Too funny!

Steph said...

Every time I see one of those stickers I tell my husband that we are putting one of us, the baby, and the three dogs on his truck. He said, "No way in hell."

I brake for squirrels too.