Thursday, May 31, 2012

Must Love Dogs

2 post in one day? Don't freak out it is only because I managed to finish a book last night and wanted to get the post knocked out before it got lost forever in my drafts. So don't worry I am working on posting more but not like 2 times a day more...unless I really get bit by the writing bug. 

So what did I read? Must Love Dogs, by Claire Cook.  I have wanted to read this book forever and I have yet to see the movie because I prefer to read the book first but I could of done without on this one and will probably not even bother with the movie now....well unless it is a really yucky day out and I have nothing else to do and Redbox is broken and it is the only movie left at the library....or well maybe if I get curious and want to see if they managed to make a good movie out of a so-so book.  Really both of those could totally happen.

Must Love Dogs

I really don’t know what to say about this book.  I have a lot to say but it kind of rambles so here is what I hope is a short version that makes some sense of my thoughts on the book.  

The main character Sarah is in her 40’s, teaches at what I believe was a daycare center, is divorced, and has a rather large family that loves to just show up at her house uninvited, meddle in what little of a dating life she has, and then you have the dad who comes off as a flaky man whore jumping from one woman to the next.  Everyone in this family is full of advise that is not always the best and has what seem to be families of their own full of problems.  I liked that she tried to make this book about a big happy family but it was kind of short and I feel like a lot of things got left out and a lot of other things got added in that really didn’t add to the story.   

When it came to dating part of the book I kind of feel like she really didn’t do anything. Her sister did the “want ad” and then Sarah listen to the tape of the responses and picked 2 people to call.  I really didn’t feel like the men Sarah did decided to date were really right for her, maybe that is because she only went on dates with maybe 3 guys and had a phone call with another.   Then at the end of the book after very few date she more or less picks one I guess to live happily ever after with, even though earlier in the book she said she just didn’t feel anything for him. 

There were  a few funny parts and it was a nice light read that didn’t take much time at all I just feel like I really couldn’t tell you in much detail about anyone event that happened in the book.  I did like that the main character was seeming to try to change her life for the better and become who she really wanted to be.  I never fully decided if I like the main character or any of them besides maybe the brothers dog.    

Sadly I really wanted to like this book; however that didn’t happen.  

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