Sunday, August 11, 2013

This Weekend I.....

Hey Ya'll! So it has been an amazing weekend around here so rather than just say "oh, I'll blog about it later" I figured why not link up with Life Of Love  and tell ya'll about it.  So here is the skinny on my weekend:

This weekend I....


-Stopped by my parents after work for some homemade blueberry dessert, a glass of wine and a few good laugh.
-Sopped by the local Thai food restaurant for some take out (such a fail on the whole "eating healthy" thing but hey sometimes you just need some super spicy Phad Thi).
-Called it a night with some murder mysters and another glass of wine.


-Started the day off with a quick trip to the Farmers Market with my parents and Ryan.  This was the first time Ryan and my dad went so that was kind of fun.
-Had about an hour of "lazy time" back as we waited for Academy to open so we could pick up some more life jackets, pick up the boat, picked up my parents and headed to the lake for our first outing whit the boat.
-Had a nice few hours out on the water getting use to how everything worked before the clouds started to roll in and we had to get off the water.

Photo: Out with three of my favorite people
*Out enjoying the amazing SC weather with 3 of my favorite people.  Thanks mom and dad for going out with us on our first go around to make sure nothing went horribly.

-We dropped the boat back off at Ryan's parents and hung out for an hour or so.
-I grabbed a quick nap, showered and head over to my parents for some fresh shrimp.
-Read for a bit to wind down and called it a night early. Those early morning Farmers Market runs are always fun but always make for a long day.


-Slept in, took care of a few things around the apartment, spent some time playing with Mr. Kitty, poor little guy is not use to everyone leaving for the whole day on the weekend, most of the time we are in and out.
-Headed out to try the whole boating thing on our own, and on a smaller lake than the day before.
-I practiced driving for a bit before the storm started to roll in and we had to head out.
-Home for a nap, some meal planning, and now a little Despicable Me.

Last Weekend I....
Oh hey why not I figure that I haven't blogged in weeks so why not catch up a bit. However last weekend is a little bit of a blur because everything was just in between naps thanks to a nice little sinus infection.
-Got off early because work had an event going on that night, so I came home and had a nice lazy night after being sick most of last week.
-Went to the Farmers Market, Abbots, and Ingles with my mom.
-Took a nap before heading over to Ryan's parents for some lunch
-Home for another nap and a quite night, a few naps and some TV
-Went to Church and watched Chris rock it out for Jesus.
-Cleaned the apartment, really I feel like this place just stays dirty no matter what I do.  I now have a real appreciation for what my mom use to do when I was growing up, it was not easy.
-Headed out to meat the lovely couple who was nice enough to sell us their boat! Ryan grew up with their two sons and has been close to the parents for years. It was great seeing them again and it was nice to buy something from someone you know and trust and not to just have to have faith in someone on Craigslist.
Photo: Bought a boat
-We then headed over to meet my family for dinner (with boat in tow).
-After dinner everyone checked it out in the parking lot, a few even climbed in.
-Home to bed!
Ok and now it's time for Dexter hope everyone had a great weekend!  Does tomorrow really have to be Monday? I'm not ready! I want to go back to the lake!

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