Monday, August 26, 2013

This weekend I......

This weekend I......

Ryan and I took my parents up to the lake for a sunset booze cruise. It was a blast and I'm sure a night we will never forget.
Photo: Relaxing with Ryan and my parents.....this could be the life.

Did some laundry, cleaned the kitchen and living room and thought about cleaning my room b it decided to shop around on Zillow a bit instead.
Went to a funeral and grieved for a family who lost their mother/wife/daughter much to early.
Stopped by my parents to wish them a happy and safe trip.
Took a nap and caught up on so some Pretty Wicked Moms.
Headed out for another night on the lake with some Chinese food, some strawberry margaritas, a blanket and Ryan.  Bless his heart I love to just rock it out with the radio but can't carry a tune in a bucket....but he still lets me control the radio.

 Star gazing.

Very lazy morning with a bit of meal planning and a nap.
Late lunch with Ryan's parents
Nice little trip to the library for a new book
Wrapped the night up with a trip to The Hair and The Hound for dinner with my brother Chris and Ryan.
All I have to say is that this Monday is sure a nice one and I would much rather be outside than in my cubicle but here we go.

Hope y'all have a great Monday.
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