Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hey It's Okay

Hey It's Okay:

To not always have a sparkling clean apartment, I mean people do live here, people do make messes....and I have no clue how Mr. Kitty gets little kitty paw prints on EVERYTHING but he does....and I think he see it as a challenge when I wipe them all off, to put them all back.
To still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up.

To think my favorite part of the weekend might have to be the nap part.
To be super proud that I managed to pull the boat on the trailer on my 2nd try Sunday.
To think the whole Amazon Fresh idea is amazing. I mean sure you pay a little up front but just think never having to go to the grocery store again, instead they drop it all off at your door.  Now if they would just finish testing it and launch it already!
To have stopped by my parents yesterday just to get a hug after getting a call from a friend who's mom just passed at 52.  That just broke my heart, this girl thought she had so much time left her mother, and her poor kids thought they still had so much time left with their grandmother. 52 really is too young to die. 
To be hoping that work passes quickly today, we are looking at a house tonight an I am super excited! Fingers crossed and praying!
And I think that is that, now to just pep talk myself into work. 
Hope everyone has a great Tuesday! Go link up here and join in the fun.

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