Sunday, August 18, 2013

This Weekend I....

It's that time again, time to wrap up the weekend and get ready for the week ahead.  Before I start the week I like to take a minute to stop and look back at what all happened the last two days.  Can I hit rewind and do it all again?

Hit up the outlet mall with Ryan to get him some new sneakers.
Grabbed a late dinner at Fatz and called it a night.
Spent the morning shopping with my parents, shopping with my mom is always a blast.
Enjoyed lunch and a beer before calling it quits on shopping. There were just way to many people out this past weekend, and there were screaming kids everywhere.
Headed home for an early afternoon nap, a LONG nap.
Made fajita sandwiches for dinner.
Headed out to do a little bar hopping and meet up with a few people.
Called it a night and was home and in bed by 12.  Oh and the best part about the night, there was a roller derby party at the last bar we went to and those girls can rock it out! They seemed like such a fun group of girls that I almost ALMOST thought about joining a team.  Ryan cut me off at that point (smart man) and my parents were nice enough to point out that I really don't know how to skate and that I would not do to well with getting my ass kicked.....they are right.
Early church with the family.
Home for an early lunch, cleaning, and just lazy time.
Took Ryan's parents out on the boat to check out the lake we are looking at.
Lazy afternoon around the apartment, with a nap or two. I love my weekend naps.
Waffles and brownies for dinner, sometimes you just need a waffle.
Now getting ready to watch the last episode of Whodunit, find out who the killer is, and call it a night.

Photo: I think I like cloudy lake days.
Enjoyed a nice, cool, cloudy Sunday out on the lake.  I think I might just be ready for fall and many more days like today!
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