Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge (Week 2)

Happy Wednesday!
So it's time for the Week 2 weight in for the Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge
Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge with www.shrinkingjeans.net #weightloss #challenge #support
and I hate to say that this past week I didn't "blowout" anything like I planned to....and maybe did a huge "blowout" on my calorie count a few times....oops!
So last weeks weight:
This weeks weight:
Down 1.2 pounds this week (5 pounds total) and you know what I will take that, because I am not even sure I deserved that loss.
This weeks questions are:
How did you do this week?

Well, I lost weight so that is a great thing.  I ate a little better, even started drinking V8 once I realized I take in a ton (and I mean TON) of fruit but not to many vegetables outside of my salad for lunch.  I ran once and it went really well (better than expected after a week) and walked a little in the mornings.  I did the Biggest Loser workout on the Wii 3 times, and the first one really stunk but the other 2 went much better.  So slow progress but doing better on at least getting in a few workouts. 
What worked for you?
What worked for me was knowing that I had to come back today and tell you how I did. I mean I don't want to have to post that not only did I not shed any weight (even a .02), but that I also didn't even try or push myself to do what I set out to do.  Finding a new show to watch on my Kindle when I workout (I know not the point of a workout but it passes the time for now.....I mean do you know how long a minute on a treadmill is?)  helped me look forward to my workouts.  I told myself I could only watch the show I was working out.  I keep thinking I should tell myself I can only have wine when I workout but really now that is just wrong.

Also my dad mentioned that he caught up on my blog the other day.....crap now he knows I am doing this and will not let me give up, nor do I want to let him down when come on everyone who knows me if I just push myself a little I can do this?

What area did you struggle a bit and want to focus on for the week ahead?
I struggled on just getting up and getting the workout started, and get it done in the morning.  I like to tell myself, "oh a little extra sleep wont hurt I can workout when I get in tonight" and well life has been tossing me curve balls all week long so those nightly workouts have not happened as often as I had hoped they would.
This week I am going to focus on just doing something everyday. A little is better than nothing and well once I get started I hate having to stop, I just want to walk until the very last minute when I really have to get ready for work/bed.
 So fingers crossed mind made up, here we go, a new week, 7 fresh days to make a difference in my health and my life. 

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