Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge (Week 1)

So y'all before I get into my post for tonight I have something to tell you......
and I don't know how to admit it, I mean it is kind of embarrassing, and well.....
the button on my jeans popped off.....
like had to use a paper clip to hold them on the rest of the day.....
and I mean they are old jeans, and they were cheep jeans, but still THE BUTTON ON MY JEANS POPPED OFF.....
ugh really? I just, I don't even know what to say....
wow lets just move on ok?
So today is the link up for Week 1 of the Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge

Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge with www.shrinkingjeans.net #weightloss #challenge #support

Lets just right into the questions for this week and then I will share my starting weight, and my current weight. 

What was your biggest victory this week?
I feel like this is a hard question because I really didn't do anything that I set out to do this past week.  I was going to workout, I was going to eat better, I was going to skips the drinks over the weekend, I was going to just blow it out of the water and rock it out.  Well then life happened and we spent the weekend out on the water, and when you are out on a boat you drink and eat, and then well you come home and don't want to work out, you want to just be lazy.  So I don't know if I would say my victory for the week was anything physical but maybe instead something mental.  You can read the start of my ramblings from Monday here, and hopefully tomorrow I will get the rest of my thoughts in order to finish what I started....that right there though, that "finish what I started" part is what I think my biggest victory was, that eye opening moment. I took a step back and realized that I am in fact lying to myself about my healthy, and that I am stick of starting the whole process only to give up a few weeks later.
What was your biggest struggle this week?
Oh I love to sleep and sadly the best time for me to workout is in the mornings or right before bed.  It is so easy for me to just roll over and hit snooze for another hour, or tell myself that going to bed a little bit earlier would be better for me than working out. 
How do you reward yourself for staying on track with your goals?
I this one is hard for me, because at the moment I just don't know. I don't have like a major love of food, I don't look forward to food really.  I don't have a love of getting my nails done, or my hair cut, or anything like that.  I guess maybe I could set aside some money so when I lose X amount of weight (or my current close are just too big) I can go out and get a few new outfits.  I haven't been shopping in months because no one wants to buy things when they feel "big" or know they should be losing weight.....I mean that just seems like a waste of money.  But I could use some new things, I am in need of a closet purge.....so maybe that will be my reward, toss out what doesn't fit when it gets to big and replace it with something smaller!
Starting weight:
*highest weight ever*
Current weight:
I normally can range anywhere from 1-2 pounds different from day to day, but hey I will take this 3.8 and run with it!
This past week I have been eating less, not so much on purpose but it has shown me I don't need as much food as I think I do.  I like to take a ton of fruit and veggies with me to work to munch on but we have been so busy I only eat about half my snacks, and this past weekend I didn't snack as much because well I wasn't just a few steps away from the kitchen I was out enjoying life. So don't worry I am still snacking on apples, oranges, peaches, blue barriers, yogurts and eating a "decent" lunch everyday along with breakfast and dinner.  I think when it comes to me and food I am more of a bored eater than a emotional eater, and thankfully I have not had anytime to be bored. So now I am eating when I realize I am hungry and not just eating because I worry I will be hungry. 

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Steph said...

I'll be cheering for you! I've lost 30 pounds since March ish. It takes a lot of hard work and determination but if you can stick with it, it's worth it.