Thursday, August 29, 2013

Summer Blowout Weight Challenge (Week 3)

Happy Thursday!

So I am a day late on my Summer Blowout Weight Loss weight in.  Really, I need to get my shit together but this isn't news to me and I am working on it.
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So because I am already behind lets just jump in:
Last week's weight:
This week's weight:
Down 2 pounds from where I started, but sadly up 3 pounds from where I was last week.

Yep that sucker moved in the wrong direction, and not just a little bit.  I really wish I could say "Wow, I don't know how that happened! I worked out and ate right and did everything I could to lose weight, I guess the 3rd week really is the hardest." and give some great speech like on the Biggest Loser but I know what I did wrong. 
Where did I go wrong? Well for starters from Thursday through Sunday I ate out at least once every day. Add to that a few nights with a few drinks, and a whole lot of skipped work out.  So really I did nothing I set out to do, or told myself I would do.....well besides have a nice fun, relaxing weekend. 
Monday morning I was just off, I was sluggish, my belly was all upset and I just felt "enn" and I knew it was from all the crap I ate over the weekend.  A day of crap is ok, but 4 days of crap not so much.  So I have been slowly getting back on the wagon, and I can tell you I have already lost some again.
So happy when I got on the scale this morning and saw this number:
So back to the workouts, back to eating better, back to just telling myself I can and WILL do it. 
Yesterdays questions for the challenge were:
What are your favorite apps to keep you on track with fitness and weight loss?
Until this week I have not used a fitness app.  I tried one about a year ago online (just got a smart phone so I am a little behind) and was kind of annoyed with it because I don't eat a whole lot of food I can just scan, and I didn't want to bother with entering meals and putting all the information in myself.  Lazy much? Yea.  So yesterday I downloaded the MyFitnessPal and started using it again. 
Do you track everything, or do you just try to keep a running tally in your head? How is that working for you?
I was writing everything down on a sheet of paper and then just tossing it at the end of the night.  I have thought about making a fitness/food/mood journal but oddly MyFitnessPal seems to do everything but moods for me.  I think where I was going wrong when I was doing it myself is that I didn't always have the correct calorie count, I was just guessing.
So this always happens, I lose weight, I gain weight.  The difference now is that unlike the past I am not going to give up and start in a few more weeks, I am just going to keep going.  This weekend I plan to make a motivation board as a quick simple reminder for those days I just want to say, "oh I can do it tomorrow"
So there you go better late than never.  Happy Thursday y'all!


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