Monday, August 12, 2013

A Moment of Reality

Ok so let's have a moment or two of real hard core reality y'all.

I got on the scale the other day, looked down and just stepped off thinking to myself: 
"Wow, I must of had a ton of extra water today, that number is an all time high" 
and went on my way. 

Well this morning I stepped on that evil little brat again.....and it gave me pretty much the same number.   A new all time high....I mean there are all kinds of things that I would love to see hit an all new high but my weight is not one of them.
So I did what any sane person would do......
figured that the dumb thing was broken, or that maybe I just had an uneven spot in the floor so:
I stepped back off, then moved it a little to the left, then the right, then to a different corner of the room, the moved it to a whole new room and repeated this over and over and you know what?

Yep same number in each room....must be the floor in this crazy old building; because it definitely can't be that my ass is growing.  I mean I don't look like I weight that much, do I? I mean my clothes all still fit....ok well maybe all my dresses and just 2 pairs of pants still fit....can I blame the dryer?
No? Really? I mean it has been proven that the dryer can shrink things. Hummm not all my clothes though, you might be right.

Today I was thinking about all the things we lie to ourselves about, For me one of them is my weight.

I know some people would say that I am not fat, or that I am just fine but oddly most of those people are probably in the same boat as I am and just don't want to deal with the fact that they too are a little over weight.....or that we have all just become so accustom to the fact that we as a country are over weight to put it lightly. 

I know for a fact my doctor things I am over weight.  Oddly enough I take what my doctor thinks as something pretty important. I mean she did go to med school all those years, and she does get paid to keep me alive, and healthy....it wouldn't be in her best interest to lie and kill her patients would it?

 I know that my BMI puts me in the overweight group, and not just by a point or two.  I know some people don't put much faith in that, and if I was extremely muscular I could see that but I'm more jiggle and soft than rock hard.

I know that if I don't stop lying to myself the number on the scale is only going to keep going up. 

So I know I need to not just say I am going to make a change but actually do it.  I am going to take part in the Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge with the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans in hopes that maybe this is the push I need to not just start over, but to keep quitting so I can stop starting over.

Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge with www.shrinkingjeans.net #weightloss #challenge #support

There is a weigh in every Wednesday, the first one was last week.  This Wednesday I will be sharing my starting weight, along with my current weight (sadly I doubt it will be much different after a weekend out on the boat drinking and eating whatever) and the rest of the post I was going to wright tonight on lying to myself about my weight.

For now I hope everyone is having a nice evening! Happy Monday!

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