Monday, May 23, 2011

Thankful Tuesday

Somehow I am behind this week and it is only Tuesday, but I guess that means I am really not that behind because it has only been one day.  I got up yesterday turned on my computer and then somehow woke up again at 12 and had to rush to get to work, so I told myself I would write my Meaningful Monday when I got home.  Yea as you can see that didn't happen because I pulled what I like to call and Oldie and was in bed at 9.  Thank you Mucus filled Monday!  So after a trip to the doctor and way to much sleep I think I have gotten everything under control so we are going to try to start this week again and hope for a good one!

This past weekend was another good one but way to short.  Ryan finally dragged me into dentist where I got a good report.  Two of my favorite elementary girls came over after school (yea Saturday school) and we headed off to AK Plaza to grab a quick lunch before watching Pirates of The Caribbean 4.  The girls had not seen 1,2 or 3 so we were a little worried they would be lost but this one seemed to have a whole new story line.  They still had a few of the main characters (well only 3, Captain Jack Sparrow, his first mate Gibbs, and Captain Hector Barbossa) but some of the main ones were missing like Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann.  This upset Ryan but really they more or less killed off in the last movie but they also introduced two new characters who I liked quite a bit.  Anyways over all the movie was good.  The girls seemed to think that Ryan and I were going to be entreating them all afternoon long so after siting mindless watching TV for a few hours we finally dragged the girls out to get some chicken at Rumboat and then sent them on their way home.  We then spent the rest of the night watching reruns of In Plain Sight and called it a night.  Sunday we spent the day working on packing and figuring out what school we want to work at next year. 

We are starting to finally run out of food! To you this may not sound like a good thing but for us this is great! We are huge Costco fans meaning we always have a pretty well stocked apartment, but now that we are moving we are trying to make use of everything we can so that we are not wasteful. 

We finally have our airplane tickets in hand to fly home and spend some much needed time with family.  On another note I was just having one of those meltdown I need someone to tell me how to think and what to do moments and my parents were both nice enough to wake up and Skype with me, and as always give me their thoughts but still making me come to my own conclusions.  I hate when they do that but I know they do it for my own good.  My family is amazing!

I feel like I have been really down on Korea lately and that really has nothing to do with life in Korea because life in Korea is great.  For instance yesterday I went to see the doctor for only 3,000 Won (for our purpose lets just say $3) and yes it was a really doctor.  I also got 3 days worth of medicine for less than 20,000 Won.  Note this was all without Korean insurance so yes this country is amazing I am just cranky due to other things! If you have not been to Korea yet you need to come it is life changing...well depending on your life and how open minded you are.  Just ask my parents who got to enjoy a squid Korean pizza on the side of a mountain on a bucket at a Buddhist Temple. 

Wow my brain seems to be stuck on getting out of here for a few months and being back home with family so before I drag this blog out anymore I will just wrap it up by saying that today is already Tuesday meaning there are only 4 more days left this week!

Hope everyone has a good week!  I hope to get better at blogging again but maybe it is better if I just hold off a bit.  My moods have been all over the place happy, sad, excited, stressed, and I may or may not be a nutcase right now.

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Chas said...

I have never heard anyone say they were happy to run out of food. This made me laugh. Its exciting you finally have plane tickets. I hope you can enjoy the rest of your days in Korea and everything goes smoothly for you guys!