Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kinergarten-Two Weeks In One Blog

Life around here has been crazy so you are going to get last weeks and this weeks kindergarten update in one, and yes I know these use to be such happy post full of excitement and life and now well they are dull and dry...sorry.  Kindergarten was cute and fun for about a week or two and then it was like wow I teach 2 kids most classes and that is it, and for the most part the 2 kids don't get along and fight the whole class, and the people in charge of kindergarten are both more or less....challenged.  Anyways moving on.

Last week in P.E. he brought some rope, some foam circles, buckets with huge holes in the side, and we worked on putting the rope through the different holes.  We also worked on how to play nice because it turns out that some of our kids don't get along and not to take things from others and not to hit others when we they take our things; however I feel that kid had it coming when the other team jumped him for taking their foam circles.
This week in P.E. we played with things that looked like turtle shells.  We put them on our heads, we worked on balance with them, we sat inside them and tried to spin in them, we pulled each other around in them, and we over all had a good time with them.

Last week in Art and Music we made our own little oceans. 

Last week in Science K7 we got to write secret messages with the use of candles and iodine. Sorry no photo it more or less turned out to be a huge mess.

This week in Art and Music we made our own little zoos.

This week in Science K7 we made a "Flying Superman".  Yet again this week there will be no photo because well I really don't want to talk about it! It was a huge mess and I am not to sure what the out come should of been but I know that whatever it was it didn't happen.  Oh well I guess the poor kids had to learn sooner or later that you really cannot fly with the use of a magnate. 

Last week in Science K6 we made maracas, one with beans and one with rice.  We then got to draw faces on them and see "who" was louder Mr. Bean or Mr. Rice. 

This week in Science K6 we made...well really nothing but I set up this:

and we had log races.

Last week in Music we got to learn about The Beatles, pianos, guitars, and drums.
This week in Music we did more with The Beatles, pianos, guitars, and drums.

Last week in Show and Tell the kids got to watch Peter Pan 2, from what I saw it was a cute but odd movie and I will never understand why they always feel the need to remake the classics!
This week in Show and Tell the kids got to watch Gulliver's Travels, and that is not a kids movie, and even more so it didn't really have Korean subtitles to make sure the kids understood.

That is that for the past two weeks and well this week is my last!  By last I mean my last job ever have to see these kids, and well that is just magic to my ears!  Wish me luck!

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