Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Reading List

 Ok packing is taking way to long and I own way to much stuff so it is time for a break and a little bit of a blog update about life, or well to be more specific one of my favorite parts about life BOOKS!

This past month I have gotten to catch up on some of my "to read" books; however still not as many as I would of liked to.  I guess the last book I blogged about was True Blue so lets work our way up to now from there.
Water for Elephants
I was so looking forward to reading this book and I was sadly let down by it. I really wanted to love this book because all of the reviews I read said it was GREAT. It was good yes and I liked it a lot but I just was a little shocked when I read it and the world didn’t move, my life didn’t change, it was just a book, with just normal words, and nothing too amazing. This book is an easy beach read and don’t be put off by the reviews that say “sick animal cruelty” because it is really not that bad or that in detailed, so give this book a try. I look forward to reading others by this author and I am really looking forward to seeing the movie!

Product Details

I enjoyed this book.  At first I thought it started off a little strange and there were some points where I was not to sure where it was going next and I am still trying to decide if I like the ending or not.  It was a good light, easy, travel read and it was free. 

The Abbey (a full-length suspense thriller)

I wanted to really like this book; however it was almost a pain for me to finish it.  It started off with a pretty good story line but then it bounced from thought to thought often making me go back a few pages thinking that I missed something.  On minute the main character is babysitting someone for the DA’s office, then he is in a law class, then he finds out that the death of his niece is being covered up, then they find out it is drugs, then is has to do with vampires, then more students die, then there is some link to a woman who is trying to make a virus that will take out all of China, they are trying to frame him, then they believe him but are no longer looking for the woman but now looking for corrupt government officials and so on and so forth.   I often found myself thinking “oh so that is where he is going with this, ok that makes sense” only to be shocked and yet again trying to piece it all together.  I know I am not perfect at English however he had some very odd mistakes that jumped out at me like missing words, typos like swapping the word divilan for civilian, “i” for “l” just to name a few, and better yet  towards the end of the book he changes one characters name 3 times in one chapter from Tony, to Thomas, to Tom, used extremely out of place words that worked but were not needed, and you get the picture.  I would of given this book at 2.5 but it is not an option.  I do like where he tried to go with this book I just think he tried to take it too many different ways.  I may give his next book a chance if it only cost me 99 cents again.

Product Details

This was a good quick read.  I enjoyed the story line and I liked that the book took place in my home town.  There were enough twist to keep it interesting, but without going crazy.  I also had a guess as to who the "bad guy" was very early on in to the book so it made it a little interesting to see how everyone else couldn't see it. I enjoy reading Christian books and I almost hate to say that I feel like the “characters” in this book almost go repetitive with their conversations about God with one of the main characters.  Page after page of beating  him over the head and he finally gave in.

Making Waves: A Novel

Cute book full of love, adventure, and even a good life lesson.  The characters are so easy to love (or hate if need be) and it is so easy to picture the main character stumbling through the summer and learning so much about herself and her family. I loved the history in this book and felt like I had been taken back in time.  I look forward to reading more of her books.  

A Taste of Magic

This book was cute but I often found that I would have to remind myself that this book was about an adult and not some young girl in college or high school wishing for her life to be everything it wasn't. I liked the main idea of this book but maybe just not how much the main character thought/talked like a child.

And the last book for the month was:

Stuck in the Middle (Sister-to-Sister, Book 1)

Cute book with cute characters that are easy to love.  This was the first book in the series and it was free on Amazon and I am thinking about paying the low price of $5 for the next book. 

Currently I am reading The Hangman's Daughter and so far it is nice and gory, there are a ton of people who names I am having a hard time keep straight and I am still trying to figure out if the names of the towns are important or not yet.  Ryan read this book earlier on and told me that it was good but long, I am looking forward to hopefully finishing it on the ride home this weekend.

The Hangman's Daughter

Hope everyone is having a great week!  I swear time has come to a standstill over here and is just taking it happy little time.  Back to packing and fingers crossed that the next 3 days will pass before I even know it, I mean that is how time is supposed to work right?

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