Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

I am sadly not too good at squishy, mushy feeling blogs but I think I will give this a try. 

I sadly am halfway across the world so I was not able to spend Mother's Day with my mom but still wanted to take a moment and brag about how great she is and how lucky I am to have her as a mother.  I think my mom always had a special advantage thought, because her mother was also amazing, someone who was always there, loving and caring, always smiles and taught both my mother and I many special things.  I could go on and on about home both of these amazing who always go above and beyond for their family but if you have met either of them then you already know and if you have yet to meet mom then I don't want to ruining the surprise.  Sadly you haven't met grams you missed a great chance but I sure you would of loved her. 

Summer 2010

Summer 2009

She even came all the way over to S. Korea to spend a week with me!

Seeing as how I am currently in Korea I am having to make due with what photos I can find on my messy computer and well this photo is a great one just still a little hard to look at.  If you don't know the story it is from a party some of my grandmothers good friends and coworkers put together for her as a celebration of life towards the end of her fight with cancer. 

And I bet you didn't know that there is a little Dutch in me!
And here is one from a mountain trip my freshman summer. 

I one day hope to be as good a mother as both of these women.  I love them both dearly and have so much to thank them for in life.  I "big squishy heart" love both of them dearly. 

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day.

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Chas said...

Aww, you guys are soo cute! I love your pictures. You guys are truly blessed to have such a loving relationship. :)