Monday, May 16, 2011

Meaningful Monday

I won't lie on one hand I was not ready for this week to start at all, but then on the other hand today was the first Monday of my last 3 and I have been waiting so long for this time.  Anyways either way it was Monday and it was time to think of some things that I am thankful for, looking forward to, happy about, or just in the mood to blab about so here we go!

1) I had a great weekend full of new friends, some shopping, great food, Korean culture, some quality time with my kindle on our "back porch", late night movies, spring weather, and what have you.

2) We started the weekend off Friday night with this cute, funny, cry your eyes out movie:
Marley & Me Poster

 Ryan's grandmother gave this to me last Christmas and I have put off watching it as long as I could. I was honestly starting to feel like everyone but me had seen this movie, so I decided to give in and bite the bullet.  Two of my favorite people were in the movie.  No, I don't think the acting was great but it was still cute, well until the crying started.  Anyone who knows me knows that:
  • I do not handle death well
  • I cry at sad movies and I mean CRY not just sniffles
  • I have a really soft spot for dogs (more so old ones)
  • I start crying was before anything bad even happens just because I know it is coming
  • Did I say I don't handle death well? 
So yes this was one of those big crocodile tears moments when poor Ryan is looking at me like I am crazy for watching something that I knew was going to make me cry and then still not being ready for it to happen.  So yes if you are like me you might want to pass on this movie, and maybe even the book. 

3) Saturday we had made plans to meet up with some of Ryan's adult students from City Hall to go watch a traditional Korean dance show, and then over to another performance with tightrope walkers, acrobats, and others.  They were both great!  I have started but as you can see not finished the blogs about those yet but they are coming.  After the shows they took us to eat some Korean style barbecue (they know the way to my heart!) and and then for coffee before saying good bye and heading home.  Ryan's students are all so great because they want to learn English, they want to get to know you and about you, and they have such great stories to tell about life. 

Saturday night we watched this very strange and odd movie:

I somehow got pulled into this movie late Saturday night and could not turn away as I yelled at the TV that Drew Barrymore was a back stabber and how could Sara Gilbert (from the Roseanne show) be so dumb! Anyways this move kept me up till about 1 and then gave me very strange dreams. The movie was, well different. A girl takes home the new girl from school because she is trying to be rebellious and well the new girl seems to be a bad a$$. She puts up quite a fight with her parents to let her stay there, the new girl makes friends with her mom (who is dying) and then later starts to move in on the husband, and even her dog. In the end she gets what is coming to her but yea in the mean time she kills of the mom and makes the daughter look crazy.
4) Sunday was a nice day of browsing through highly over priced American things over at AK Plaza. For our birthday our boss gave us a combined amount of 110,00 Won for our birthdays. Just to make it easy about a 110.00 Dollars in AK dollars. So we set off to try to spend it and sadly still have way to much of it left because well we don't need anything from AK. I think next year we will tell her that Lotte Mart Dollars would be better, because well they do food, drinks, clothing, and well everything. Sunday night we watched yet again another movie; however this one was hilarious but not one to watch with your mom. 

I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell Poster
This movie was so funny! When Ryan first showed it to me I thought it was just going to be about some guy bashing women only it turns out that it was really just about how big of an ass he was. If you need a good laugh watch this only be aware of the bad langue and well ok it is an adult movie.
5) After a great weekend I was oddly in the mood for work today. We got up hit the gym, I came home pre cooked the chicken for the dinner, did some thinking for a bit. Life is good right now but I won't lie it is all about to change and that scares the crap out of me. I cannot wait to get home and see my family but at the same time I will be leaving behind friends and having to start all over at a new school and well that kind of stinks. I know, I know I complain/cheer about this topic all the time you get it all ready.
6) Two of my favorite student (Jodie and Esther) are coming over this week to cook lunch and then go see the new Pirates of the Carrabin movie with Ryan and I so I am really looking forward to that. Every time they see me they want to make plans and then every time I see them I want to double/triple check that their mom's know what they will be doing. Things here are so different because kids at like the age of 10 can just go off and do whatever it is they please as long as they are home for dinner.
7) We have not really gotten to spend much time with Grace or Jasmine lately so we are hoping to also catch up with them sometime this week for dinner and drinks.

8) Two years ago today an amazing woman passed away and yet I am doing ok. Not a day goes by that I don't miss my grandmother but at the same time I know she is in such a better place, she feels no pain, she is safe, and she doesn't constantly have to live in the mess we have made of this world. 69 was too young to go and I wish she could of been around for all the things to come in my life but that is just selfish. They always say that "life will go on", "you will be ok", "it get's easier with time" and so on and so forth. I guess all of that is true but at the same time it's not. Life as you know it does not go on, you are ok but you always feel like something little is missing you or well someone, and I don't think it really ever gets any easier, but hey what do I know I am young and I am not "everyone". I don't care what they have to say thought it still sucks and I will always be lucky to have known her but yet always know what it is like to lose someone unfairly and suddenly. Anyways time to make how that was meaningful and happy for this Monday? I guess I am just thankful to have known such a great woman and that every time I look at my mom I see the same strong, caring loving woman in her.

9) We got a cute new boy in kindergarten (this time I am not joking and well the other not so cute one that came on Friday has already quit) who wouldn't do anything in P.E. today unless I did it first.  He also would just stair up at me with the sweetest little look on his face as he waited for me to do whatever it was I was going to do next. 

10) My parents seem to be having a relaxing, much needed week and I hope it stays that way. What is the point of working your butt of every day if you don't get to enjoy a few here and there?

11) My Monday is over and life is good!

Ok well I hope that was not too much of a random blog post for you, half way through it we got called out by a friend who was "depressed" for dinner and drinks down at our barbeque place so the thoughts might be a little scattered.

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