Thursday, June 7, 2012

New Year's Resolution Update 5

So we are a week in to June meaning that hey I am not doing that bad on getting this update knocked out and out there in to the blog world! So you don't know about my New Years Resolutions? Well last month I did a nice update with all of them and how I was doing then, feel free to check it out here.

This time I am not going to go as in dept I am just going to toss out a number and an update (if there is one).  And well there aren't any photos in this update...sorry I know I am a slacker.

Anyways here we go:

1) Read! 36 books of any kind I like. At least 1 book a month that is nonfiction about something I would like to learn about.

I have read (according to Shelfari.com) only 4 books this year.  Humm I really thought I was more than that...sadly I do know for a fact that I have read 0 nonfiction. I did just check out 2 books on some of the different hiking trials around here! That goes along with this goal as well as number 2 of getting out there and seeing more of the amazing sights in the beautiful foot hills.

What are you reading? Any suggestions I was at the library the other day and drew a huge blank on what I wanted to check out.

3) Get into a workout routine and keep it.

This goal is going I have been working out more regularly lately and eating better. At work I am taking part in the "Biggest Loser" and with a 2.6% loss for the past two weeks (total of 4 pounds) I am currently in the lead.  I would like to slim down and tone up but I also like to take part in group efforts for things like this and encourage other people.  I think there are some people at work who look at me and see thin but I don't just want to be thin I want to be healthy and in great shape. Being thin doesn't mean you are healthy. I have made a chart to help me keep up with what I want to do each day work out wise and what I am actually doing.  I don't always do great but at least I am doing more than I was. 
5) Blog at least once a week.

Some weeks are better than others when it comes to this goal. Sometimes I just feel like I don't have much to write about.

6) To take my vitamins everyday, use lotions, and take better care of my skin.

Really I have gotten much better at the lotions one and I am still working on the vitamins everyday part thought.

7) To not be so lazy when it comes to my appearance. I can look cute when I want to but if I am not in the mood I am just not even bothering and the jeans and t-shirts come out. It really isn't that hard to put on make up and something other than a t-shirt.

What I wore this month....is what I would post right here had I done a better job of snapping a quick photo before heading off to work.  I may not have any (well ok some but not enough) proof but I promise I am still working hard on this goal and I think doing pretty well.

9) Play more board games! 

Ryan and I have been battling it out in what seems to be a never ending Monopoly game on my kindle the past few weeks and a few weekends ago we sat down to play a real game of Life! It was so much fun and I am really looking forward to doing it again.

11) Start a Bucket List! 

I am currently working on coming up with a Summer Bucket list for the summer....and I still have that bucket list of life on about 1000 sheets of scrap paper around here.
12) Take tons to photos, make tons of memories, and make sure to document them in some way shape or form so when I am old and gray I can look back and enjoy the story that is (or is it was?) my life.

Yea I have been working on this one...however I am really behind on posting any sort of "_(insert month name)___ in Photos" though....so I guess I am only doing 1/2 good on taking photos and 0 good on the documenting part.

So 8 out 12? Not bad and I am still slowly working on those other 4!

How are your New Year's Resolutions going? Are you still working on them or have you given up already?

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