Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hey, It's Okay

It is Tuesday! Monday's these days really seem like a whole week in itself thanks to class. Anyways today I am linking up with Amber from Whispering Writer.  I love Tuesday's because it is kind of just like a brain dump and I always have 10000 things I want to post about until Tuesday's come around and then it is like the amazing list I had is just gone, lost forever in...well forgetful land.

Hey It's Okay:

To be a little two in love with this new pretzel bread that mom found at the store.

To have watched 6 straight hours of the Hatfields vs. the McCoys....really thought it sucked me in and it just happened to be a marathon.

To have had a really good list last week but posted about my amazing little brothers birthday instead.

To be shocked (but happy) that anyone reads this little old blog any more

To have a ton of half started projects and many more on my list. 

To start with the "Scraps of Korea" project and sadly just find myself missing Korea more than getting stuff done.  Really started this like a month ago and have yet to get anything done it besides take many walks down memory lane. 

To still be working on Ryan's birthday gift...really that poor thing is still in 1000 pieces (well ok maybe 10 but really I am months late and feeling kind of like a cruddy girlfriend right now).

To spend more time reading fitness blogs than actually working out. 

That my car has been in the shop for over a week now getting the A/C fixed.  It went in last Tuesday and was ready on Wednesday. Ryan went to pick it up Thursday, drove it out of the lot and wham it cuts off and is back in the shop.  They are currently taking it all apart, putting it back together, and trying to figure out what in the world is wrong with it. 

To wonder how some people can just always be angry.  I love being happy and am always trying to be happy....really your anger is bringing me down.

To cut this list short to get in some short of a workout before work. 

What's okay with you this week? How is your week going?

Have a great Tuesday!


Rudd Family Circus said...

I have at on of fitness stuff pinned on Pinterest and I never look at it or do any of it :) Funny how that works out. Have a great week!

Steph said...

I spend more time thinking about working out than actually doing it. Sorry I've sucked at commenting lately.

WhisperingWriter said...

We also watched Hatfields and McCoys. Very interesting.