Friday, December 16, 2011

Tacky Sweater Party

Last Saturday night Ryan and I went to a tacky sweater party that some friends of ours were having.  It was fun, Ryan and I almost won a game of beer pong (he is good, I more or less stink so he wont ever play with me, but for once it was his fault we lost....maybe....or it was just the beer pong gods making it so I could never win, no one really knows), and the food was good. 

Here are the only two photos I took from the night.  Sorry I look a little sleepy in the one of Ryan and I, and yes Ryan did make his sweater all by himself...it even had lights. The 2nd photo is of Ryan and one of his really good friends Josh...they have a really special relationship.

This post could of been longer, had more details, way more photos and even some jokes but my brain is only half way working and I am saving that half for work!

Hope everyone is having a good week and has a good weekend.

1 comment:

Steph said...

Awesome! Love the sweater!

I suck at beer pong too.