Thursday, December 1, 2011

Really? Try to be a good person and...

*Disclaimer this might be all jumbled up and crazy….I am kind of peeved

Today I was out with my mom trying to find some gifts to ship to some of our co teachers in Korea for Christmas. We needed 4 things that were kind of the same if not the same, not because I don't want to take the time to think about them each as individuals but because Ryan one time gave one a cigar box and the other some other type of box and they fought over who got which one. Really I love these girls and that right there is just one of the many reasons.

Anyways so after a few places mom and Ryan did a trade of and mom headed home as Ryan and I kept looking. After a few more places I remembered that I saw 3 of the same...items... at TJ Max and 1 at Ross making 4. I finally made up my mind to go with these and headed back over there. Ryan and I checked all over the place to make sure there wasn't just a 4th at TJ Max before heading down to Ross. When we went to check out my brain was so many places other than where it should of been as Ryan and I talked about everything going on right now and how we wanted to box these and ship these (in cigar boxes if you’re wondering because they love those things for some unknown reason). So I swiped my card and walked out. Half way down to Ross Ryan looked at me and was all the sudden "wow that was a great deal on those items" and I was like yea _____ a item is a great deal. Ryan stopped me and looked at me and was like "what do you mean a item" you only paid _____ for 3.

Wow so I had been run up wrong, way wrong as in only paid for 1. This had never happened to me before and I was instantly upset and confused and all like oh man what do I do? I sadly wasn't too upset to keep from heading to Ross to make sure I could get a 4th matching item before going back in to TJ Max, waiting in line again, getting a clueless girl who wouldn't stop giggling and dropping things, and trying to explain what had happened. So for some odd reason she calls the manager, after a few minutes she said something and all the sudden I knew we were on totally different pages. I once again tried to explain that I wanted to buy 3 items but I was only charged for 1. She still didn't get it. So I slowed it down for her by saying, "I am sure I look like an idiot for coming back but I brought 3 items up to the checkout in hopes to buy them all, the other girl only rang me up for 1, I left with 3, I need to pay for 2 more" at this point she gave me a really dirty look like I was some kind of common criminal, rang me up, and was quite rude. Really? I came back in here to pay for something once I realized that one of your fellow co workers f*ed up and you want to be rude, snippy, mean, judgmental about it?

I didn't want any kind of "goody two shoes award" or anything just maybe like a "wow we are so sorry, thank you for coming back" or something...or you know a gift card for the trouble it caused me would of been great too but really not why I went back. I went back because someone made a mistake and I didn't think it was right for me to benifit because someone wasn't paying attention to what they were doing and I got treated like shit.

Is this what people get when they try to do the right thing? If so I can see why less and less people do it. Would I go back and do it again? Yes but this time I probably would of waited a little longer for the manager to come and make sure that (s)he understood what happened so that maybe they could keep it from happing again. Really I was trying to not only do business in your establishment but to also not rip you off and do the right thing.

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