Friday, December 30, 2011

The Polar Express

So I finally gave in and watched The Polar Express a few nights ago with Ryan.

And it was cute but I just didn't LOVE it. 

I really can't just pick one thing that I did or didn't love about it. When I was in 5th grade in Ohio the 6th graders every year would put on like a little Polar Express show and I don't know why but sitting in those chairs pretending to be on a train in the dark has always just stuck with me.  I really don't remember much about it, I mean they gave us all little bells, we heard the story and pretended to be on a train but other than that I have no clue why it has always stuck with me to the point when I hear "The Polar Express" I just jump back to that. 

This movie is not what I think of at all when I hear "The Polar Express".  I have always found the over animated characters to be a little creepy.  I found the movie to be a little darker than I remember the book being, and maybe even scary to smaller kids.

 I just...I don't know....did I already say I didn't LOVE it? I will most likely add it to my list of Christmas movies (which I crossed off like none of this year thanks to work and just life) to watch every year.

Have you seen it?  If so what are you thoughts? 

Hope everyone had a great week, I am still trying to figure out where it went and even better yet where 2011 went. 

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