Friday, December 2, 2011

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge Christmas/NYE Outifits

Happy Friday Ya'll! I hope everyone had a good week and is ready for the weekend! I currently work retail so I really don't look forward to the weekends or week days because well I work really random hours; however I love the weekends because my whole family is home and I know for sure I am going to get to see everyone.  Any who....

Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge

Today's topic for the Fabulous Holiday Blog Challenge is one I really thought I would have fun with because lord knows I own way to many shoes, dresses, and just "girly" stuff in general, even though I am really not that "girly" I just love to shop.  Last week when I saw what the topic was for today I started thinking of some of the fun, cute, but yet budget friendly (thanks Ross and TJ Max) outfits I could put together that would be appropriate for things I might really be going to this Holiday Season....but well then life hit and I never got around to it....so maybe I can just describe it....maybe.  Later after some of the events have happened hopefully I will update you on what I really wore, if I take any photos, I have gotten so bad about that now that I  am back home. 

 Ideal outfit for Christmas/NYE festivities:

Yea now that I am trying to describe the picture in my head it is not working so well this way....can I get a rain check on this post? Please? I was never that great at creative writing so "painting pictures with words" is just not my thing. 

Fine then here are a few things I thought were cute but maybe just not quite there yet:

This one is there, my figure is just not back there yet.

I think this could help out the second outfit and maybe switch the cardigan out for a red one, the first one I think might be ok for a faimly dinner or party...really we are cute around here but not like really dressy.

What about you? I really do have so many ideas in my head now....I might have the itch to go shopping even though I said I didn't ever need to go shopping again just...wow last week? Really? Well, hey a girl can change her mind!


krys said...

i loveeeeee the red coat with the ruffle!

Breanna said...

Such cute outfits :) I LOVE the scarf!