Monday, September 30, 2013

This Weekend I.....

Lets get right to it and get on with the day!
Quick recap of the weekend with a "This Weekend I...." post.
After work I dragged Ryan out for a dinner date at one of our favorite places to get some ribs. Sadly I forgot it was Friday and they were packed out the door and down the side walk. So instead we grabbed takeout and watched some reruns ons the kindle.

Started the morning off with a trip to the farmers market and Ingles with my mom.
Mr. Kitty then went to the vet for a pedicure, as always he was super good/sweet only they were backed up and it was a madhouse!
Then I enjoyed and early lunch with my parents before taking a nice afternoon nap.
Spent the rest of the afternoon reading and just being lazy.
Headed out for a nice sunset booze cruse on the boat.
Photo: Date night!
Got a late start to the day and ended up going to the later service at church.
Got busy once I got in from church and got all the meals cooked for the week.
Went for a jog/walk, you know one of those jog some, walk some, jog some, walk some? Yea one of those.
Took at nap (love weekend naps), but sadly not a long enough one thanks to all the noise in this apartment.
Headed over to enjoy some grilled steak and shrimp (it was so amazingly good) with my parents and relax around a campfire. 
How was your weekend?

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