Monday, September 9, 2013

Monday Morning Thoughts

This weekend I.....

Made it about 2 hours of work before having to go home thanks to a nasty stomach bug. 
Went about the same as Friday with the exception of a trip out with my mom.  We went to the Farmers Market, I love our Saturday morning trips to the market, and BI-LO, I needed some more soup, crackers, and Gatorade. Then before calling it a day, did a quick drive by of a few more potential houses. Then pretty much from there it was naps, the Carolina VS Georgia game and an early night.
Got up happy to feel better! So headed out to go watch my brother play in the "Praise and Worship Band" before heading up to Lake Lure for a lunch date with Ryan. The weather was amazing! Once back in I crashed out for a nice long nap, took a nice (slow) 4 mile walk to just get moving a little and see how it felt.   Spent the rest of the day taking it easy, enjoying some mindless TV surfing as I did some internet house hunting.
Weekend in short I spent way to much time sleeping, but at least I had this little cutie snuggling up with me!
In other random news:
 I don't want to go back to work yet today! I wont know what to do with out my nap time(s). After the past 3 days 9 hours without a nap just sounds like torture!

Can you eat too much Jell-O? After this weekend I feel the answer might have to be yes.
I don't know what in the world people did before Zillow/Trilla/other random sights.  I mean you can now look at tons of house online without even having to leave, if you like it you do a drive by and see if you like the area, and then if you still like it you call your realtor.  I killed a good bit of time on these this past weekend. 
The whole end of summer thing seems to have skipped over our little town, it was in the 80s the past few days still.  I am ready for fall, I love how the lighting changes, their is a smell, and oh the colors. This past weekend was amazingly nice out; and sadly I was stuck inside.
 After Dexter last night I just, well we all knew it had to come to an end but really? I just don't see the show pulling me in like it use to.  Maybe it is because I know this is the end.  Maybe it is because I know Dexter and Deb were married in real live but have sense split.  That just puts their relationship on the show all more dramatic than I need it to be, I mean it makes me wonder if the anger she shows is real. 
Sadly I just don't feel relaxed after this weekend, even with all the sleep and laying around.  I think it might because I didn't get to stare up at the sparkling night sky as I floated around aimlessly on the lake.  Sadly we didn't get to take the boat out this weekend, but really I don't blame Ryan who wants to put a girl with a stomach bug on a boat? Yea I didn't think there would be any takers.
I determined that college football is just not the same without junk food and booze Saturday.  I mean sure it is still fun but I just missed the nachos, or chicken wings, or chili, with beer or a glass of wine.

I need a new book to read, over the past few days I have started a few books this only to just give up on them, I don't know if its the book or me.  Maybe this weekend I just wasn't in the mood to read.

I think that is it for this random Monday morning brain dump.  I wish I had more but sadly the weekend was pretty much a dull one, but I think it was what I needed. 
Anyways let's get this Monday started! Hope y'all have a great one!

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