Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge (Week 4)

I don't know how but its already Wednesday.  This week feels too short and too long at the same time.  I am behind on everything and yet time is still dragging but either way it's time to link up with the Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge.
Summer Blowout Weight Loss Challenge www.shrinkingjeans.net
This morning I got on the scale and saw a .2 pound loss.  Really? I mean because last week I put my foot down and started watching all my calories with My Fitness Pal, started workingout everyday, sometimes even jumping back on the treadmill at night for an extra walk because I had a few extra calories I wanted to burn off.  Really and all I get is a .2? 

Ugh lets just move on because a .2 loss is still better than nothing right?
So My Fitness Pal ever so nicely pointed out to me that 100ml of red wine (cabernet to be exact) is about 76 calories.  So I did what any sane wine drinker would do and measured out 200ml...I mean come on 100ml is not even a cup.....and was shocked.  Do you see that below? Yep that is 200ml of wine.  I think I now know where some of me extra weight has come from, but y'all I love my wine. 
But in hopes of losing a few pounds I now measure it all out rather than just drinking from the bottle.  Really thought My Fitness Pal 100ml? That is just enough to piss off a wine drinker.
Any who here is to another week, of trying to live a healthier life!
What I am doing:
Couch To 5K: Every other day
Walk: Every day but longer on days I don't do the Couch To 5K
Yoga: Hoping to do every other day next week (every 3 days the past few weeks and I just don't feel that is enough)
This week I also plan to add resistance bands and maybe a few workouts on Wii or with the good old Mrs. Austin! Either way I need to move more, eat/drink less this upcoming week.

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