Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday Weekly Update

You know for when you forget to hit post for both your post Monday and Tuesday? Yea and you feel crazy for going back and scheduling it to back date...yea that is what this blog is so lets just dump them all in to here and call it a day.

So here was Monday's post, or well the short of it:
This Weekend I......
Friday (the 20th was kind of my Friday the 14th):
  • Started the day by doing some wash, got halfway to work and realized I put the stuff in the dyer, cleaned out the lint thingy and then forgot to turn the dang thing on.
  • Then forgot my coffee, yea and I really could of used it.
  • Had one of those nothing goes right days at work, where I kept getting customers who just were not happy and I could not make them happy.  This really bothers me because I love to make my customers happy. 
  • Joined my parents for dinner and a campfire after work.
  • Wrapped up with the day with some wine and "Are You Afraid Of The Dark"
  • Got up early to go look at a few more houses, one of them I am pretty sure is the one.
  • Stopped at the Farmers Market to get some cinnamon buns for breakfast.  Ryan thinks I am nuts for going out of my way just for some cinnamon buns, but y'all I found some that I like better than the ones I had been getting.
  • Stopped by the store to pick up some onions to make some chicken chili.
  • Headed back to the apartment to search the internet for a few different things, clean up a bit and take a nap.
  • Once up I thought I would go ahead and get my jog for the C25K out of the way.
  • Chris came over and joined us for dinner, drinks, and some TV. Have you seen the show "Bad Ink" on A&E? It is quite amusing.
  • Wrapped up the night with the movie The Devil. It was an interesting movie about a few people stuck in the elevator with someone who was the devil. If you liked movies like The Village you really should check it out.   
  • Got up to late to go to the early church. 
  • Enjoyed a cinnamon roll (my Sunday morning tradition it seems) with some coffee and the cast of Married With Children. 
  • Figured it was just as good as anytime to get my workout in and did another day of C25K to make sure I was really ready to start week 5. 
  • Took a nap (it is one of my favorite parts of the weekend).
  • Headed to the lake for a bit to see if the new starter in the boat worked, and good news it does! No upper body workout for me : )
  • Headed in to just chill or a bit and catch the final episode of Dexter.  I don't even want to talk about it, I just don't agree with how they ended some stuff and I feel like it was kind of a quick fix to wrap things up.
Here is Tuesday's, or well yet again the short of it:

 Hey It's Okay:
  • To have things going on in life I am not ready to share here.
  • To workout sometimes just so I can have an extra glass of wine.
  • To be getting a little into Duck Dynasty, I mean really it is funny and they kind of just tell it like it is.
  • To be ready for my next day off, to bad its in November.
  • To want to meal plan but to hate doing dishes, how does that make sense? Well if you cook you have to wash dishes.
  • To be pretty sure Mr. Kitty is part lion or some sort of big cat, he is getting huge!
  • To wonder what some people are thinking.
  • To wonder how someone can be like "oh you lost 6 pounds by working out and eating better.....hum that never works for me". Y'all be proud I wanted to stay something sarcastic and mean but I held back.
  • To be very sarcastic, to the point where some people think I am nice.....yes some of those people are just a little slow, everyone else well to you I am being nice!
  • To be shocked anyone reads this blog anymore. Thanks to whoever y'all are!
  • Ummm to leave it at that till I am ready to share some more.
Go link up with Amber and share what's okay with you today! Or well at this point just wait till next week!

Here is today's post, well besides the above.
Today I start the Fit 4 Fall challenge.  In the last Sisterhood Of the Shrinking Jeans challenge I lost about 6 pounds.  This morning I was at 155.4, so 4% of that (if I can do math) is about 6.216 pounds. Lets just call it 6.5 pounds.  I think I can do that, I mean that is less than 2 pounds a week.  Easy right? Humm as I sit here and drink a glass of wine (76 calories per every 100 mil, and I am on maybe 4 mil....lets not do the math on that!)
So this week the challenge is to drink 1/2 my body weight in water. I got that and then some! Thankfully I love water and I have a job where I talk a lot so I have to drink a lot! Now if only my boss would stop giving me dirty looks every time I go to the bathroom....some days I want to say "hey I have a squirrel size bladder, be thankful we aren't on a road trip!"
Anyways that is about it for what's up....well for what I am sharing for now! Hope you are having a great week!

Oh and I almost forgot! Happy Hump Day!! Linking up with the Fitness Blondie today. Check out her blog it is a pretty good read.

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