Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hey It's Okay

Happy Tuesday! My brain is fried so lets just jump right in:

Hey It's Okay:

To think this picture of Mr. Kitty funny, I know maybe its just me.

But I mean come on he looks like a zombie! Really still just me? Ok well then I'll enjoy it and laugh by myself.

To never before see myself saying this but.....I think.....I might be......a little.....over Pintrest.

To not like pumpkin flavored drinks, I mean I love pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, and other pumpkin flavored things; but when it comes to my coffee I will just wait till its time for the Peppermint to start flowing and then I'll head to Starbucks.

To have know idea why my blog is all kinds of screwed up. None of my info is showing up on the left and only half my posted photos show up....any hits??

To think the fact that  Roman keeps getting invited to N. Korea is kind or strange.

To wonder how people can complain to anyone and everyone who will listen about credit card dept then brag about how much money they spent on this or that randomly useless s item. I mean really sometimes people need to know when to shut up. Maybe it's just me though and I'm crazy for not trying to keep up or one up.

To sometimes be willing to go for that extra mile on my walk so I can have an extra glass of wine.

To be ready for bed and it's not even 9 yet.....I was in my pj's at 7......

To have had waffles for dinner! Ahh how I sometimes just love breakfast for dinner.

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AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

I LOVE pumpkin flavored drinks. But I also like those peppermint ones. Mmmm...holiday drinks just make me excited.

Renegades said...

I agree ewww to pumpkin flavored drinks!

citygirlonhicksfarm.com said...

I love pumpkin flavored drinks!