Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday Moring Thoughts

And it's Monday, again........
Sadly this past weekend was just like a blur, a hazy dream, a fog I can't seem to wrap my mind around the fact that somehow my weekend is gone and it's already time to put on my big girl panties and head to the office again.
So here is what I remember from this weekend:
Worked over time a few days so I could leave a little early on Friday and get some things taken care of.  Sadly that didn't work out for me too well seeing as how it took me and hour and a half to get my oil changed.  Really? Yep, I was not amused. I was even less amused when they said they washed my car only to find it dirtier than when I took it in. 
Did a quick clean of the apartment before heading over to my parents for some dinner and a nice evening on the porch.
Wow that was just a few days ago? It feels like forever ago. Anyways we headed down to Charleston a little after 11.  First we dropped in to Ryan's office to pick up the new starter for his boat, and even dropped in to the Korean store for some freshly made kimbap.
We spent the next portion of the trip reminiscing about our time in Korea before having to cut the conversation off before we both ended up on an airplane headed to our second home.
Once we got down to Charleston we enjoyed some drinks with Ryan's aunt and uncle before heading over to a Japanize restaurant for a big family dinner with all of his mom's family. We wrapped the night up enjoying the night on the back porch.
Ryan went with his uncle to Waffle House and was nice enough to bring me back a chocolate chip waffle, if that's not love then I don't know what is! We then packed up and headed downtown to do the whole "touristy" thing and wonder around the market a bit, eat some ice cream, and take a nice little stroll by the water before heading back home.


I thought I had a few pictures of the market but well what can I really expect from my cell phone? Maybe when we are down there next month I can try again.

Once back in town we had talked about taking the boat out but the weekend caught up to us and it turned into a lazy afternoon/night instead. Oh it was so great! Sometimes it is nice to just do nothing, have a clean(ish) apartment, and everything pretty much ready for the week ahead, well with the exception of food.  There is tons of food in the apartment but not like everyday food, lots of food for meals, but no like lunch food. Anyways we will worry about that tonight.

Anyways wrapped up Sunday night with Dexter, and wow. I just how could Dexter be so dumb! I can't be the only person who feels that way, like "yea he is becoming good" but also like "what you thinking this is so dumb you are making a mistake!"......yea I have mixed emotions about all this.

Let me take a quick moment to do a brain check and make sure I don't have anything I want to just randomly toss out there......well I know there are a few things that I wanted to write about but sadly they are MIA at the moments so I guess that is about that, like I said it is all kind of just a blur of here there and yea maybe even over there. 

Happy Monday!  I guess I will keep a notepad near by today in case those long lost random thoughts pop back up.

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