Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hey It's Okay

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Hey it's okay:
To be thankful it's already almost time for bed.

To be shocked that not only is it already October but that it was also 85 degrees today.

To wonder how someone can be so good at always playing the victim and what it must be like to never be at fault for anything that happens to them.

Ok to know that last comment was a little snide...sorry but true.

To have cooked all my meals ahead of time for the current week. Problem now is that it all sounded so yummy on Sunday when I made it all. However; seeing as how it's 85 outside beef stew just doesn't sound that great.

To be ready to have a grill, food off the grill is hard to beat. 

To know I should just go ahead and workout in the morning because otherwise I find every excuse not to when I get home from work....but sleep is so amazing y`all. Maybe I need to disable my snooze button, but then I might sleep through coffee and a shower before work and that is no good.

To keep thinking about starting a spending/budget/meal planning binder but then I somehow always find myself already at the middle of the month so I then just push it to next month. 
To be thinking of joining in on the 31 days of....well this that and the other.  I thought about doing 31 days of things that make me happy and listing off something that made me happy each day but really I am lucky to blog once a week right now.  So maybe, just  maybe but really doubtful and if I do it will start tomorrow.  
To be un amused by this whole government shut down. I have to go to work everyday to get paid, congress doesn't have to now?
And well not that we are going to end this and enjoy some wine before this turns into a rant.
Happy October!

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AiringMyDirtyLaundry said...

It was just as hot here today. But this weekend it's supposed to get cooler!