Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekend Recap

So I had a lazy yet busy weekend all rolled into one. Didn't really do anything exciting, did work on some projects, cleaned a little, Ryan cut down a few trees with my parents in the back yard, did some shopping, spent some time with our families, went to Church, watched some movies, ate some great food, and just kind of let the weekend slip away.  Really I have no clue where all the time went!

Anyways Saturday after a busy day Ryan and I made plans to watch a movie, eat some takeout and maybe even go for a late night swim (sadly it started storming so that didn't happen).  On the way over to Ryan's I stopped at the Redbox and was quite puzzled. 

Why? Well we don't watch a whole lot of movies, I don't watch a whole lot of TV (sure it is on but I don't really pay attention to it, and I pay even less attention to the ads) and I didn't recognize any of the movies they had but a few and those few were ones I really couldn't recall what they were about.

After just kind of standing there for a few minutes flipping through all the choices a few times I could tell the lady behind me was getting annoyed so I just picked one.  It happened to be The Hunger Games and I hate to admit that I really had no clue what this movie was about, what all the hype was about, and was on the fence about watching it. 
As it slid out of the Redbox I started to wonder about what I got myself in to.  I mean this was a movie I really could careless to watch and I had the feeling Ryan could care even less.  I mean I wanted to see what all the hype was about but then I had a friend tell me that it was not nearly as good as the book was. 
As I drove along I did think that even though it might not be as good as the book that really didn't mean anything to me because I have not read the books (nor do I really plan to)...and well if the book was better than the movie then maybe I wouldn't be let down because I wouldn't know any better.   Hum this movie was already looking up!
So I broke the news to Ryan that I rented The Hunger Games as we waited for our Thia food.  He didn't really have a reaction besides really? to which I said yes really! 
So to the movie review:
Well like I said we had no clue what we were in for.  I found the movie to be sad where as I think Ryan found it to be intriguing.  I liked the characters, think they did a great job with the cast, and liked the story over all.  I loved that it had action but that it was not overly bloody.  Well wait I did have to turn away a few times but that is because I expected it to be worse than it was (I mean really I watched The Expendables 2 last weekend....eww eww and eww).  I don't know how I feel about the "love story" that kind of annoyed me, I mean she is using you wake up! And well if she is not using him I need to re watch it because it really looked like it to me.  Anyways I think we might watch the next one to see what is going to happen (we both think they now have to much hope and might try to end the Hunger Games, the one guy said "a little hope is good; but too much hope is bad").  However; I think we will be watching it at home when it comes out. 
Sunday we enjoyed watching my brother at Church with my parents and then spent the afternoon being lazy, working on a projects I have been working on for months, and watched Our Idiot Brother before enjoying holiday dinner with my parents.  I don't mean to brag but my parents can cook and grill like no other!
So this one just happened to be free on Demand and we had yet to watch it.  Really this is what happens when there is nothing good on TV on a lazy Sunday afternoon. 
This movie? Well the cast was great, it had a few jokes, it had yea.  It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great.  I don't know how to explain it but yea......this family has some problems and then they have Ned.  Ned doesn't really make their lives better or worse, well it might seem like he makes them worse but it seems like he opens their eyes, and brings them all back to the fact that their lives and the things that happen can be blamed on no one other than them or the person who did it. 
Today well was nice and quite. 
So that was my weekend.....sorry nothing to exciting I guess maybe I am getting old. 
What did you do?
Can you believe that we are in September? I can't and I am ready but I am not ready yet....does that makes sense?

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