Thursday, September 13, 2012

Inspire Me: Healthy Week 5

So Today is Thursday.....
 I don't even want to talk about it.  My girly time is about to be upon us and I just feel fluffy with a capital F.  I have even tried harder this week and it is not working out for me.......
So instead I want to share my list of 10 reasons I want to be skinny healthy.  I have thought about this all week and it was harder than I thought to come up with reasons that aren't just "so my butt looks good in jeans".  Really when I first started my list was full of stuff like that and I looked back and thought that it might be good to add a few reasons that weren't so shallow.
10 Reasons Why I Want To Get Healthy:
1. So I can live a long healthy life.
2. So I can feel my age and be full of energy.
3.  So I can do everyday physical activities without being sore later.
4. So I can be strong!
5. Because healthy legs look good in anything!
6. So I can feel confidante and know I am the best I can be.
7. To be able to hike, swim, and do all the fun activities I want to do when I travel.
8. To have a better immune system.
9. Why shouldn't I be healthy? (I have no answers to that one and I doubt I ever will)
10. For ME, to prove to ME that I can do it!
What are your reasons?
Hope everyone is having better luck this week than I am! Thankfully I work 1/2 a day today and have yoga tonight.  I cannot wait it is quickly becoming something I really look forward to.


Nikki said...

I love ALL your reasons for wanting to get healthy! They are GREAT reasons! I love that you realize its not about your butt looking good in jeans mind you that is always a plus but not the main reason! Keep positive!

Alice said...

Those are great reasons!! Mine would be along the same thing...plus the butt looking good in jeans....and for my kids so that they can learn to live a healthy lifestyle as well. :)