Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Hey, It's Okay

So today is Tuesday....it doesn't really feel like a Tuesday, and yesterday really didn't feel like a Monday however at the same time I can't tell you what they did feel like.  Anyways let's do a quick link up with Amber for "Hey It's Okay"

It's Okay:

To not understand "yep that's going to cost you a pretty penny", I mean I get it but really who says that?

To hate when people at work are always trying to sell you something.  Once you tell one person no someone else is hosting a party and wants you to buy this that or the other. 

To still be on  a happy high from the camp fire Sunday might. I love fall

To hate when people think other people are dumb just because they don't see eye to eye.  Even better when they don't know something (something that is not common knowledge). Even more so when the person running their mouth about said dumb person is about as bright as a box of all black crayons. 

That motivation and i are playing hide and seek and it sure seems to be hiding well. 

To think the lady that subbed in for the normal yoga teacher last week was a bitch. I mean like the "who all is a beginner? Ok great everyone we will take it easy" only to take is easy by showing us all the movies we can only do if we want to be super sore the next day.  I hope the normal lady is back tonight she gives a good stretch, it hurts (in a good way) and it is relaxing. 

To not really have much else today. 

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!

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WhisperingWriter said...

I also love the fall...and fall foods!