Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hey It's Okay

Hi Tuesday. Really I am kind of happy to see you because that means I made it through Monday. Anyways on to the post because well we don't have all night:

It's Okay

That Y]yet again my life is a little confusing and upside down, but with time I will be ok and things will work out how ever God has them planed to be. 

To not be a strong enough blogger to just share all about what is going on.

To be very late with this post....the first one I posted was a little...umm cynical.

To wonder why God would let something things happen....probably post on this more later this week.

To wonder how people are so hateful, really some of the things people say to me at work are quite rude and hateful.  "I need to talk to a man you don't know what you are talking about."

To wonder how people can be so selfish while we are on the topic of people. Me, me, me, me and oh and did I say me? Yea my blog is me, me, me but umm it is MY BLOG....life on the other hand isn't just all you, you, you when we talk because if it is we won't be talking often.  Oh and that is what is best for you? Well that is great just shit on everyone else then!

To miss your grandparents. More so your grandmother who was always so loving and caring no mater what teen age girl fit I was throwing at the time. Grandpa was great too always saying funny things, winking, and getting you out of trouble.  Ahh his winks...anytime someone winks at me I smile and just think of him.

To be ready for Dexter to come back....I don't really like TV series...unless they are Dexter! Or maybe Bones, but I really want to know where they are are going next with the Dexter.  

To never be able to find anything I really want to watch on TV most of the time...you know like really want to watch....most of the time I just want back ground sound.  I mean really people at work talk like their life is all based around what is on TV.  I can't live like that.

To be confused and think that I may never know the answers. However maybe we already know the answers....to what all we need to know.  If we don't know the answer then maybe it is something we don't need to know the answer. 
Happy Tuesday....hope you had a good one.


Renegades said...

I've never seen Dexter.

WhisperingWriter said...

Some people are just hateful, and that's sad :/

I want to start watching Dexter.