Thursday, September 20, 2012

Inspire Me: Healthy

So it is Thursday night....some how I got half way though today without knowing it was even Thursday.   This really is a strange week so before I wrap this day up I wanted to jump on and let you know that I have nothing and I mean NOTHING to say about this past week other than that I was lazy like just really LAZY!!


So besides having nothing to report I did find this list that I though I would share with you.

How to get up to work out, becuase lord have mercy if I cnanot seem to do this.  Really I set my alram to go off at 6:30 so I can be at the gym by 6:45, it goes off and I just get up, pee, and reset ift to go off at 8.  Yea so as you can see it is not wokrin gout fo rme so this next week I am going to give some of these ideas (if not all of them) a try.

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Well all but the whole no drinks with dinner part...because umm then when else do you drink??


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Traci Aerykssen said...

It was super hard for me to start getting up early and getting my fitness in but after a few weeks of really forcing myself and the feeling you get when you put your workout behind you for the day not to mention the added energy it got easier. Now it's just a part of my routine and there is a lot more dragging my feet going on.