Sunday, March 3, 2013

This Weekend I....

So last week I thought I put the link to Sarah's page where I found "This Weekend I...." but I guess not.  Really last Monday night was kind of a blur so that is why I am doing this post on Sunday night, I mean really not that more can happen between now and Monday morning besides some good old fashion sleeping! So shall we get started?


The was kind of a strange day at work with people being rude, mean, hateful, so on and so forth but to top it off those weren't just the customers I had someone who I thought was a friend pop off....no explode on me...anyways to keep this on topic the day was long so I was more than happy when I got home.  So the night went like this:
- Hour and a half walk/jog on the treadmill as I enjoyed some episodes of "The Starter Wife".  I never even knew this show was around but thanks to Amazon Prime I now have something to help me though those moments when I think "hum the couch looks more comfy than the treadmill". 
-Did some wash and put away the mountain of clean cloths I already had in my room.
 -Enjoyed  a bath (a short one thanks to the fact that I did a load of wash on hot and the dishes before hand but hey a bath is still nice regardless!) with some Skinny Girl White Peach Margaritas and flipped though a new cook book.
-Put up some of my jewelry in my jewelry case and started (but couldn't finish) "No String Attached" or something like that.
-Enjoyed some more Skinny Girl and fell asleep watching "Wanderlust" half way in.  


I wish I could say something fun and amusing happened Saturday but nope sadly not. 
-Went to Ingles at the crack of dawn with all the old people.  I hate shopping when the store is busy, I would rather go early and take a nap later than sleep in and go get frustrated with all the people acting like the store is a social gathering and all the kids running around screaming.
-Left the store to see a few snow flakes falling.
-Got onto an organizing kick as I put up the groceries.
-Worked out again and watched some more "The Starter Wife"
-Did some vacuuming  and cut up a few of the apples, oranges, and other healthy foods we have in the fridge for later that night in hopes of keeping me from making brownies. (Oddly the apples did keep me from making brownies).
-Took a nice long nap, you know the kind when you think you are just going to lay down for a few minutes and wake a few hours later? Yea one of those.
-We had dinner plans with Ryan's parents but we took a rain check because his dad had to work so I threw something together in the crock pot, went for another walk with some more "TSW" as it cooked.
-Watched the last movie of "Twilight" and was sadly disappointed. Really cannot tell you why but I just expected more and I really didn't like how they did some of the stuff but hey what do I know?


Today was kind of an interesting day to people watch.  Sadly I had hoped to get a lot more done than I did but hey at least I what I did done.
-Went to church to watch my little brother rock it out for God in the praise band.  It is so great to watch him use his gift for music to do what he does. 
-Headed to the larger mall in the next town over to pick up a few things only to find that it doesn't open at 11:00 like our local mall does but instead 12:00 (still confused about this because it's a much bigger mall in a much bigger city), and then one of the stores I wanted to go to never even opened.
-Went to lunch at the Ale house, always one of my favorites.
-Went to Ross and Marshals to try to find some plastic bowls and plates to use when we grill out only to instead end up buying a cute dress and some sunglasses.  I needed both (ok well maybe just the sunglasses) but wish I could of gotten some grilling stuff too.
-Stopped by work on the way home so Ryan could watch me practice parking the truck a few times in my spot so when I borrow it he knows I can park it.
-Came home, put dinner in the oven and had a pretty calm dinner with my parents.

Now I am just watching the Simpson before heading to bed like an old person before 9 to read for a bit.  How is tomorrow already Monday? I swear I got more done this weekend then it seems like......

Oh and I almost forgot! I did get to spend a good bit of time with this handsome little man who is a little jealous of the treadmill:

How was your weekend?  

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