Sunday, March 17, 2013

This Weekend I....


Let's see what happened Friday night? Wow at first I was worried my age was starting to affect my memory and then I remembered that nothing really happened Friday night once I got home from work.  Oh I did get sucked into a game called "Doors and Rooms" for a bit before realizing that an hour had some how past.


 I had to work from home.  We only have to log into the system and work from home for 3 hours (9-12) ever 6 weeks or so now, last year I had to do it every other weekend but now they have pulled everyone on the inbound team into the "fun" so I don't mind it as much as I use to.  Sometimes you get all kinds of calls and sometimes you don't.  Sometimes you never have any problems and sometimes it's like every cranky old man came out from under his rock to call and place and order. I luckily didn't have any problems with callers but instead had lots of luck with knocking out some things.  I did some cleaning, ran 4 loads of wash, cooked 2 meals for the week, figured out my password for Bloglovin,  and wore out Firestone as he followed me around doing it all.

After lunch Firestone and I settled in for a nice long nap (ooops) and then I thought about going outside to read before I noticed how windy it was.  Later Ryan and I headed off to meet his parents for dinner at Outback.  After dinner it was so nice out I enjoyed a drink outside and read for a bit before calling it a night. 


As I do most Sundays I started the day off watching my little brother rock it out for Jesus at church.  Later Ryan and I headed up to "The Hair and The Hound" for some lunch and a few beers.  I don't know what it is but I love that place, maybe it is the pub feel, maybe it is the small town that it is in, or maybe it is because I get a nice view of the mountains on the drive up there.  We then knocked out a few errands before a sinus headaches knocked me out for another nice long nap with Firestone.  I spent the rest of the afternoon watching some show about Gipsy Sisters on TLC, the new (or well maybe old now) 007 movie Sky Fall which by the way was great and I am still trying to wrap my mind around it. 

And now the day is almost over and I am thinking that a little reading before bed is the best way to end it....fingers crossed I wake up tomorrow without this lovely headache.

How was your weekend? Are you as shocked as I am that it is almost over?


Lindsey said...

I watched Sky Fall on a recent plane trip and didn't get to watch the end of it! I need to go back and watch the last 30 minutes. I hear the ending is great.

Syndal said...

looks like a nice relaxing weekend!