Monday, March 11, 2013

This Weekend I.....

 And hello Monday.....lets  not even  about it instead lets talk about is past weekend.



It is finally starting to feel like spring here!  So when I got off Ryan and I headed over to my brothers to enjoy some Chinese and beer on  roof. I don't know  about you but beer on a roof top deck on a warm night with 2 of my favorite guys it just an amazing way to spend a Friday night.


Along with warm weather there seems to come a bug...the spring cleaning bug and that little sucker bit me. I made my cleaning rounds starting in the fridge but burnt out before I scrubbed my tub....maybe the bug will come back sometime this weekend.  Ryan had to close the store and run a delivery so we headed out a little after 11 and hit up Costco and mall in the next town over to people watch and pick up a few things.  Then we finished up some things around the apartment and Ryan's family joined us for a nice relaxing dinner.


My alarm went off for Church, I got up, went to the bathroom and was back out like a rock.  Once I finally got up I went for a walk/run (you know the kind where you walk for a few minutes run for a few minutes so on and so froth? Yea one of those), had a nice little melt down about nothing fitting before pulling myself together to start my day. We hit up Ross and TJ Maxx in search of some summery plastic dishes before heading to the mountains to have lunch at one of my favorite places on the lake.  

We rapped up the night and weekend with a nice dinner with my family and a night around the camp fire. 

Really all in all a relaxing weekend with even a little bit of accomplishment. How was your weekend?

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