Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Night...

After a loooong week and a very long/scary/stress full day I find it best to spend the night with one of my favorite boys! Mr. Firestone Kitty! 

So far my night has been spent:

Eating piggy's in a blanket because I am missing my Grammy (nothing takes me back to her kitchen table with the sun streaming in on a nice warm summer afternoon like some piggy's in a blanket) for dinner followed by some red wine and Steel Magnolias!

Now if only Mr. Kitty would stop sneezing in my wine and would move his big fat head! I kid my cat is not fat by any means but he is still in the way and my wine still has snot in it!

How is your Friday night?

1 comment:

Chas said...

He thought you were sharing the wine.
If we don't pay attention, our cats will stick their faces in our cups and actually drink it!