Sunday, April 14, 2013

This Weekend I.....

Wow has it already been almost a month?? Sorry about that life kind of got busy with this and that....any who.

Wow it feels so long ago I have to stop and think...

-Came home worked on finally putting up my spring cloths.
-Couldn't make up my mind on what was for dinner...some of the amazing left overs we had, or to give into my monthly hormones and get cheese fries, and spicy burn your insides pad thia....so I did what any sane girl would do and got both.
-Enjoyed some wine and watched the last episode of season 3 of Downton Abby.


-Woke up to a hungry Mr. Kitty who was pissed I slept in.
-Did a good deep clean of the living room and started on the kitchen as Ryan hooked up the Cat Genie.
-Headed over to the larger Costco, dropped my car off to get the oil changed, made a side stop at a store that refinishes patio furniture so Ryan could look into getting one of his customers chair sets refinished.
-Grabbed an early 11:00 lunch at Costco, fought our way thought the store and headed home.
-Finished cleaning the kitchen and worked on the office.
-Took a short (way too short) nap and headed over to pick up my car, get the cars washed, pick up some things at Lows before heading to Ryan's parents for dinner.
-Watched the Masters
-After dinner headed home to do some wash and call it a night by 10.


-Early Church
-Home to get dinner together for latter
-An amazing 2 hour nap
-An afternoon of watching Snapped and getting ready for the week
-Had my family over for a some what healthy dinner of:
         Baked Shrimp
         Baked Corn
         Baked Asparagus
         Brown Rice And Quinoa
         Strawberry Pie (Thanks Mom!)
-Watched the Masters
-Made eggs for the week for Ryan and I as an easy breakfast choice.
-Game of Thrones

Last Weekend I.....


-Worked from 7:30-4 and then took off to Charleston with Ryan.
-Took his aunt and uncle out for pizza.
-Ryan and his uncle had a cigar as I enjoyed some time with his aunt before calling it a night.


-Got up and watched the "Cooper River Bridge Run".  Really the guy who won that ran it in under 27 minutes.  We were just standing there talking about some up coming things and look over and it was over he won.
-Headed over to the Charleston branch so Ryan could pick up a delivery for one of his customers.
-Started the trip back home to meet the customer at his shop and drop it off.
Ryan and the 750 pound machine he drove back from Charleston. Pulling it to the edge so the tow truck could finish pulling it ou.
-Waited around for the owner to show up, and just enjoyed sitting in the back of the truck on a nice warm spring day.
-Headed to Costco to see if they still had some things we had been looking for that we can't get at our smaller local Costco.
-Headed back to town picked up some Chinese food, watched a Downton Abby and passed out by 6:30. 
-Got up about 9 went to the store to get some ice cream and then crashed back out.


-Got ready for church and then noticed that we really needed to do some wash, and go to the store before we both headed off for the afternoon.
-I meet up with my mom to go up to the outlet mall to see if I could find some summer shorts (that fit...) and had a nice afternoon shopping.
-Enjoyed some salmon patties with the family and then headed home for an early night.

The weekend before that I........


-Spent the day at the hospital thinking I had appendicitis getting an oh so fun CT only to find out nope that's not it! 
-Got out of the Dr. about 4:30 and drove through Taco Bell (sadly I was starving thanks to the fact that I got there at 10 and they wouldn't let me eat anything because they were worried they would have to take out my appendix) and then home to crash out for a much needed nap.
-Worked on putting up all the jewelry our previous house guess had somehow flipped out of my mirror/jewelry case the weekend before.
-Curled up with Mr. Kitty to watch Steal Magnolias and enjoy some wine. I keep telling Mr. Kitty if he keeps watching TV that way he will be blind...and if he keeps sneezing and sipping on my wine he will push mom to use a sport bottle to drink.


- I don't really recall much of the day meaning I probably did my typical Saturday morning and cleaned.
-Met Ryan's parents for dinner for Mexican.
-Picked up Ryan's friend Jose (they taught English together Ryan's first year in Korea) at the airport at about 9 and then headed over to Ryan's parents so the guys could enjoy a cigar and a drink with his dad.


-Met my family for Easter service at Church.
-Headed up to the Hair and The Hound for a Bloody Mary and brunch.

-Back to the apartment for a quick nap.
-Headed over to my parents for dinner and some great conversation and drinks on the porch.
-Headed back to the apartment for some Game Of Thrones.

And the weekend before that I..........
-Went out for dinner with Ryan's parents and Grandma for his birthday dinner. Then back to his parents house for cake and gifts before taking his Grandma home and sitting and talking with her for a bit.
-Rainy lazy Saturday until about 12 when we headed out to pick up Ryan's dad and go to the Barbeque Festival.
-I didn't even mind that it was cold and wet because it was a lot of fun and for a good cause. They charged 5 dollars a person at the entrance (for Mobile Meals) and then had a bunch of trucks set up giving out samples of their barbeque.
-We also did a tour of the RJ Rockers brewery and had a few drinks as the band played before heading back in to dry warm up a bit.
-Later one of Ryan's friends joined us for a night out (a very long night out) and we bar hopped and got to see some people we haven't seen in years.
-Slept in late (thanks to getting in super late) and then spent the morning cleaning, and getting things ready for dinner later.
-Had the family over for some Gumbo and watched a few episodes of The Bible show that was one.
And I think that gets us all caught up!  Now Mr. Kitty has the right idea and I am off to follow his lead!  I don't know about you but this weekend was way to short and I am so not ready for Monday!
P.S. Huge HUGE huge disclaimer I am way beyond lost in Game Of Thrones but do find it interesting.  So I highly doubt you will ever have to worry about a spoiler on this blog. 

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