Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hey It's Okay

Ok this week is just crazy lets just skip the whole opening part of the blog and just get to the point.

Hey It's Okay:

-To convince yourself sushi is healthy for you so you don't feel bad eating it

-To have watched 3 kids movies over the weekend.  Puss In Boots, Aladdin and the Lion King

-To be sad that the Lion King is coming to town in June and all the good seat are pretty much taken unless I go on a week night.  Really I am like an old lady I like to be in my PJ's by 8 and bed by 10.

-To have skipped the whole Oscar's thing

-To think people who are trying to light cigarettes as just as bad as people on the phone.

-To be overly excited that I finally organized my jewelry, make up, and other random bathroom/junk draw stuff.

-To be a little worried that I am not going too finish Ryan's birthday gift in time, where in the world did all the time go?

-To maybe on accident of already given Ryan his back up gift...ok it wasn't an accident I messed it up at work and he came in right as I was about to cry and chuck it in the trash can.  He was so sweet, he loved it even thought it's all messed up.

-To be slightly upset that I got a hair cut and no one even seem to notice.  I mean I know it was only an inch but I also got my layers fixed and some framing around my face....umm how can you not notice? Psh..men.

-To must be doing something really wrong when I do the whole sock bun curly hair thing that everyone says is so simple and works so well.  For me it is not simple and always ends up a huge mess and I always wake up excited to see my cute perfectly curly hair and then bam it is all but. 

What are you ok with this week? Head on over to Whispering Writer and link up!

Hope your having a great week!


Tara said...

haaha! I haven't even tried the sock bun thing - it looks too hard! Good job on trying it!

WhisperingWriter said...

We've also been watching Puss in Boots. The kids love that movie.