Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hey It's Okay

This week has already been crazy (but in hopefully what turns out to be a good way) and it is only Tuesday.  However it being Tuesday and all, and well seeing as how I haven't really blogged and actually posted anything I have started to write in oh a week, I thought I would link up with Whispering Writer for "Hey It's Okay".  So lets see what is jumping around in my head today:

Hey It's Okay

-That today is Valentine’s Day so Ryan and I exchanged gifts, hugged, kissed said I love you and went our separate ways because we both have shit to do.

-That Ryan and I are both happy said gifts were not candy....really who want's to work their butt of at the gym just to eat some candy (that most of the time you don't even really like) just to have to go work twice as hard tomorrow?

-That I know Whitney Houston was a huge icon, and I like some of her songs, and it is sad that she died.  But I just don't understand how people are flipping out, crying, writing poems all over Facebook and just making this way too big of a thing. There are people who die every day, there are men and women out there fighting for your freedom who die every day that don't get this kind of attention.

-To be shocked that today is already February 14th....I really need to get going on Ryan's birthday gift.

-To have skipped the gym a few days last week, things have been kind of crazy over here lately.

-To have my fingers and toes crossed for so many things right now.

- To be super sad that after today we are back to only being allowed to wear black, white, and gray at work.  Really colors do just brigthen my day.
-To still be really behind on my reading, photo taking, and other New Year's Goals.

-To have not watched the Grammys and really don't care who did what or wore what.


- Mighty B said...

Wow, only black, white and grey? Can you wear a colored necklace or anything? Maybe bright lipstick? :)

WhisperingWriter said...

I wanted candy. But I don't really work out so I was okay with it, heh. I should work out more.