Monday, March 5, 2012

Meaningful Monday

I am happy to say that it is Monday again! Why am I happy about Monday? Well for starters because that means that I am off to my second week of work and that means that I made it though my first week of work.  So to start off this Meaningful Monday:

I am thankful that I seem to be finally starting to pick things up at work.  The first day when they just handed me a copy of the catalog and a list of things to try to find in the book I might of started out really cocky and then a few hours later wanted to cry. But things were so much better on Friday and I am so ready to see what today has in store for me.

I am thankful that Ryan and I got to go on a date this past weekend to dinner and a movie. Really we are not dinner and a movie people, because well most movies are not worth the price of the theater.  The Lorax however was great.

I am thankful that even though the weather has not been great lately that at least my family is all safe and we didn't loss our home, and all of our belongings.

I am thankful that I think whatever crud I had last week has seem to have gone away to bug someone else and only left behind a headache.

I am thankful for so much and I could go on and on but I have to get off to work so on that note I hope everyone has a great Monday!

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