Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hey It's Okay

So you know you need a job when Tuesday almost comes and goes and you don't even realize it that it is Tuesday.   Yea the days just kind of blend together when I don't have to be at work.  Anyways it is in fact Tuesday and that means that it's time for Hey It's Okay Tuesday with Whispering Writer over at Airing My Dirty Laundry, One Sock At A Time.

So Hey It's Okay:

-To love naps maybe just a little too much sometimes.

-To be 24 and watching Pretty Little Liars

-To have always wanted a pet pig but thanks to Geico I REALLY want one now.

-To have a few post about movies, hiking, the Super Bowl and what not just chilling in my drafts.

-To have been eating so good lately....until the past few days.  Why does "bad" food have to taste so good?  However I hate the way it makes me feel the next day, all sluggish, lazy, and well just blah. Darn it why can't cheese be like broccoli?

- To sometimes just cry, hey I blame it on the whole femail hormaonal thing.

-To not feel verymuch like an adult at the age of 24.  What does an adult feel like anyways?


WhisperingWriter said...

It's okay, I'm almost 30 and I still watch Teen Mom.

- Mighty B said...

I see a theme going on here! I'm 31 (ACK!) and I watch the Vampire Diaries and do not at all feel like an adult.

And you could always put the cheese ON the broccoli... :)

Steph said...

I love naps! I wish I could have one everyday!