Monday, February 20, 2012

Super Bowl 2012

Happy Monday!  I am working on (slowly, ok very slowly) getting some of the blogs on my draft list finished up and cranked out this week.  Ok so yes I know I am a little late on this and yes I know that everyone has already talked all about their favorite ads, but I haven't yet! So that means that I am now going to list out my favorite ones from the Super Bowl!

Let's start with Mr. Quiggly, maybe the cutest dog in the world.

Wait did I just say that Mr. Quiggly was the cutest do in the world?  Ok well he might be but this chubby little Golden that bust his cute little but to get in shape is also super cute! 

And seeing as how we are talking about dogs anyways lets just go ahead and talk about how smart the dog that killed the cat was.  I mean some people think this add is just wrong but really I think it is cleaver!

I also might love Vampires just a little bit.  When I say just a little bit I really mean just a little bit, as in I only like Twilight, I am really not in to all those other vampire shows.

And last but not least we have the Here WeGo ad that was super cute and clever!

I guess next we should move on to car's and I have to say that my favorite is the GM ad where the world comes to an end and the guy in the Ford doesn't make it.  Really I hear Ford is really upset about this and maybe that is why I cannot find the it anywhere but regardless it was amazing and a brilliant idea!

I also like the Acura add.

And the Kia "Dream Car" was also pretty good, and it has one of my favorite songs.

This last one I am kind of on the fence about.  The only reason the M&M one is even getting listed is because it was pretty funny, I mean naked M&M's?

This year I didn't love Coke's ads.  I found the Bud and E*Trade ads to be lacking.  And lastly really I just don't even understand the whole crazy with David Beckham.

Also on a whole different note I think Madonna did a good job but I was still just kind of let down, I don't know I guess I just wanted more from her...and I know, I know she is getting older and it was a good show but still.  Please don't judge me!

Anyways what ad's did you like? What company do you think just didn't make the cut this year?

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