Monday, January 30, 2012

Weekend Movies

This past weekend's movies weren't as good as last weekends but I can't complain too much.

Ryan and I watched The Craigslist Killer:

I somehow missed all of this when it happened. With that being said I hope it was for the first few months I was in Korea visiting Ryan after graduation rather than just under a rock.

Oddly as soon as the movie started I called that the main character was the killer, then I tried to talk myself out of it being him thinking that maybe it was it was his soon to be wife who gets killed, but yea not the case. I love "who did it" shows and movies, but this one was just too....I don't know too dumb maybe? Or too just made for TV movie? Or just too what the f* is wrong with this guy? I don't know just strange. It was like you saw it all coming and you want to just wonder how he could be so perfect and then so crazy all at once. How did he keep it all going? How did he not drop the ball on being so perfect in every other aspect of his life? What drove him to do what he did? Did he really ever love his soon to be wife? How did it have to feel to be that poor girl? Ahh ok so enough with the questions.

I love this kind of movie because well it wasn't scary unless I was a hooker, or giving massages in hotels to strangers I met online, but yet just left you wondering.

Sunday night we stumbled on Groundhog Day with Bill Murry.

I had never seen this movie and I must say that there were parts of it that made me laugh, parts of it I found just dumb and parts of it that almost brought a tear to my eye. Really I know who almost cries at a Bill Murry movie? If you haven't seen it and you can't guess the idea behind the movie he gets suck having to live the same day over and over. At first it drives him crazy, then he starts having fun with it doing crazy things and living on the edge, then he tries to kill himself many different ways, then he tries to make the girl fall in love with him, over and over and over he does the same day many different ways. This movie made me stop and think about all the different things I would do if I was stuck in the same day over and over. Or what I would do if I couldn't get anyone to believe me. Would I go crazy?

I know, I know I more or less stink at movie reviews. I would have to say that if both of these were pretty good in their own little make you think way.

Any suggestions for next weekends movie list?

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