Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas, and New Years In Pictures

So I have not had much to say lately and so my poor blog has been a little neglected.  The great thing about pictures is that you don't always need words, the sad thing about pictures is when you don't take any you can't magically make them appear to use later when your not in the mood to use words.  Sadly saying I didn't take to many photos this Christmas/New Years that turned out good because Ryan got me a new camera that I am still (and sadly I may always be learning to take them... who would of ever guessed that just putting it on the setting where it just sets itself as it sees fit wouldn't give you the best pictures...I thought that was why that made that setting) learning to use it. 

Well, that is enough babble here is what I have of Christmas with a few captions here and there, and I know, I know I said I hate photos of what everyone got for Christmas (meaning I hate when people pill up all their shit to show everyone else all the stuff they got and you didn't...because we all know that is the point of Christmas) but in my family if you don't get action shots you don't get any pictures because people around here don't slow down to pose!

For starters two of my favorite animals came to visit me at my aunt's house when we went home for my grandfathers funeral.

Then I came home to find out that Ryan had put up a small tree in my room to help cheer me up. In the back ground I have the ceramic tree I remember growing up always being at my grandmothers.  

Mom's tree.

Santa Clair

For Christmas Eve we had steak.

For Christmas Day Breakfast we had hash browns, biscuits and gravy, and grapefruit.

Then Ryan and I played Santa and handed out gifts.

Then we went around the room one at a time opening a gift each so we can all see what everyone got. I just picked out a few becuase this blog is already picture heavey.

We love to give mom things to cook!

We also love to give slippers so everyone can have warm feet!

I thought Ryan got me a box full of packing penuts...

But no, he got me a new camera...that is still baffling me.

Chris got what I think he thought was toys...but nope just some shirts.

Cool Chris

Cute Chris

First "Do it yourself pic" with the new camera.

Everyone got things we need, things we didn't but wanted, and everyone even got a little bit of booze!

And then Dad and Chris played us a song on their sprinkle Maracas.

And then we decorated some cookies, my favorite tradition.

Ryan and Chris played some video games in the man cave

We ate some ham and what not for Christmas lunch

Then later Ryan and I went over to his house for Christmas dinner.

Next we have the few pictures from our trip to HollyWild to see the lights, pet the animals, and just try to get in the holiday mood...even though it was sadly already the 29th of December.  Oh well better late than never right?

This cow licked my head...quite a few times...

He has the cutest ears!

Ryan's new friend

Ryan started to get a little worried as the bull just seemed to keep comeing further and further into the car.

The zebra didn't want any food.  He more or less just wanted to stand in front of the car and look at us.

And then my camera died so I had to use my phone.

For New Years Eve dinner dad made wedge salads

Mom and Chris made homemade French Onion Soup

Mom made one of my favorites, baby Beef Wellington

And then to top off this amazing meal mom made Cranberry Pastrys...but sadly I cannot remember what they are called.

Then Dad, Chris, and Ryan did a New Year's Eve toast.

Before we all feel asleep for the night way before midnight....oops.  Chris, mom and dad all got up to go downtown early to take part in the Hair Of The Hound race.  Chris did 10 miles, dad did 5, and mom walked and cheered them on.  Sadly I slept in but have it on my list of goals for next year to take part.

For lunch New Years Dad made ribs, amazingly, fall off the bone, hint of spice but not too much ribs.

And lastly we all watched some football...even Clair cuddled up with Ryan to watch too!

Ok and I think that is that.  I feel like I am forgetting something but oh well it must not be important!

I hope everyone is having a good week! Things are quite around here ever sense my brother Chris left for Germany early yesterday morning.  He has an internship with BMW and is going to be studying over there for 6 months to a year.  You would be safe to bet that I am one proud big sister right now! 

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