Sunday, January 22, 2012

Someone had a movie filled weekend....

but really I don't think it's all my fault...it did rain pretty much all weekend. 

The weekend full of movies (and really I almost never have a movie filled weekend unless it is a Lifetime movie weekend marathon or something like that) started off with "Beauty And The Beast 3D".

I maybe 24 years old but this was still a special night because the first movie I ever remember seeing in theaters as a kid was "Beauty And The Beast" with my dad. I must of been either 3 or 4 when it came out and I remember dancing around in the aisle. I also remember going with my mom and our neighbour to see "Beauty And The Beast in a live performance in Cincinnati when I was little.  This movie is one where I had a special moment with bo"th of my parents so it has always just stuck out to me as a special one.  So when "Beauty And The Beast" came out in 3D I really wanted to go. I am not normally a movie person I mean who has the money when you can get it a Redbox for a $1.00? I am not normally a movie person even more so when it is one I have seen 1000 time before, but this was different, this was the first movie I EVER saw in a theater...I mean that right there was a sign that I HAD to go.

So Thursday night Mom, Dad, Ryan and I all went out to see it, and well I knew what was going to happen but my heart still raced at certain points, I still got a little happy when they got to live happily ever after at the end, and I still really enjoyed the movie.  I cannot say any more than that about the movie, I mean everyone knows what happens, every little girl probably knows the songs, I was just a kid again happy as could be watching one of my favorite movies with my dad again and I loved it because this time I got to share it with my mom and Ryan (who had never seen the whole movie before).

Friday night Ryan and I watched "Hostel Part III" and well I don't know why I always do it to myself.  I remember going and seeing the first Hostel when it came out in theaters with some friends and thinking there was way to much blood, way to many crazy people who get joy out of killing others, and way to many naked girls.  Well 6 years later I kind of feel the same way, but Ryan wanted to see it and well this one more or less even kind of  had a plot,  I know I never thought I would say that but this one had a really good twist I never saw coming and that kind of almost made all the blood, guts, and nakedness worth it.  So if you don't mind that stuff and you are in the mood for a good WTF movie check it out.  If you're like me and hide your face and cover your ears when you know something nasty is coming up you might want to skip.  Poor Ryan may of had to cover my ears as I covered my eyes and then tell me what I missed when it was all over because I was that worried about seeing something gross that would lead to bad dreams.

Anyone else have a love/hate relationship with scary, nasty movies?  Oddly I am ok when I watch them with Ryan but oh if he leaves the room I may or may not freak out like a little girl. 

The last movie of the weekend was "The Help".  Ryan felt a little bad after the whole Hostel thing (really at some point I should grow up and not be such a scaredy cat any more but it has yet to come....maybe I am just a slow grower?) and insisted we rented "The Help" to have a cute movie night.  I have been talking about it for a few weeks now, and even though I haven't made it through the book I figured why not. 

The movie seemed to drag a little bit but then once it got started we both seemed to like it.  It had it's funny parts, it's sad parts (I even cried a little bit), and just parts that made me want to yell at the TV.  I think they did a good job of making sure you hated the characters they wanted you to hate, loving the ones they wanted you to love, and just feeling like you were friends with some of them.  I don't think I would say it is a new favorite of mine, I still want to read the book, but well it was good.  Maybe not "To Kill A Mockingbird" good like some people have said but good.

Ryan and I are thinking of doing a movie night a week, be it new or old, and maybe doing some sort of themed food to go with it.  Any suggestions on some good movies?  I have been in a black and white mood lately, and even Disney.  I think I might have to dig out "Lady and The Tramp" later this week. 

I would have to say that "Beauty And The Beast" was the best movie of the weekend! Anyone else go to see it? Thoughts?

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