Monday, January 9, 2012

Movie Night

So Ryan and I finally did it....we rented Kung Fu Panda 2.  It came out when we were in Korea and we checked the bus station every weekend to see if it was "out" yet and it just hadn't seem to hit Korea yet.  So thanks to Redbox and their deal that they have with some kind of popcorn box we got to rent it for free (Thanks for the popcorn and movie mom!) and it was super cute!

Ryan and I took my little brother Chris to see the first one when it hit our Dollar Theater back in the day and it was good.  I mean who wouldn't love a movie about a big, soft, panda bear that also has a message about their being no secreted power, it is just you?  If you haven't seen the second one don't worry I wont give away the message. 

Really how can you not love that face?  Ryan is now worried that I am going to be adding a baby panda to my list of things I hope to one day own...don't worry PETA I know I can't have a baby panda, but if I could I promise I would take great care of him and teach him Kung Fu!

So I know I didn't say much about the movie but really if you liked the first one you will like the second one.  If you haven't seen either of them you really should check them out. 

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