Friday, January 13, 2012

Onesie VS. Forever Lazy Conversation

**Disclaimer if you are looking for something with substance then you might just want to pass on this post**

Conversation I had with my friend tonight over text:

Me: Wow a PJ party at the mall! You know your a good parent when you take your child and 20 of their best friends to the mall to run around.

Her: Haha I don't think Friday at the mall is very safe for a kid's party.

Me: I mean there was just a shooting here less than a month ago.

Her: I guess with the economic state thought it is a good idea for free haha.

Me: Sadly I think they are now paging one of the kids....humm lost one now did ya?

Her: Maybe it is hide and seek and they just gave up on finding them all.

Me: Haha that would be both fun and kind of cruddy all at once.

Me: AHH I figured it out! It is the Girl Scouts up here forget those other text I kind of feel like a bitch now.  However it is still annoying and kill any shot of business I might of had tonight. I mean would you want to shop with scramming girls running around in their PJ's?

Her: And still in their PJ's?  I was in the Girl Scouts and didn't go out in my PJ's.

Me: It's just like telling them that, "Hey it's ok go out in your PJ's". Really, I blame them now for the whole PJ's are cloths thing now that I know about this whole mall PJ's thing they do.

Her: They are going to be the ones that grow up and go to Wal*Mart in their PJ's in the middle of the day.

Me: Still this is the mall, we are at least a step up form wally world, be it a small step at least it is a step.

Her: LOL that is true, small step up.  Is anyone wearing the onesie?

Me: Not that I have seen, but I want some! And not the Forever Lazy that shit is gay and doesn't count!

Her: They have them at Target, the grown up sizes. Or they did a few months ago.

Me: I want one with a poop shoot so I don't have to get cold when I pee/poop in the middle of the night.

Her: Ok I think that's just the Forever Lazy

Me: No because it has always been cool and it PJ's only. That Forever Lazy crap is like normal clothing and they claim it is a-ok to go outside in it. They don't have the little footy things in the Forever Lazy

Her: Oh I thought there were...that's the coldest part, not cool.

Me: Being Forever Lazy your not going to take the time to put on socks. I mean you are lazy, openly and admittedly.

Her: Exactly! We need to get together and invent some shit!

Me: Well you add socks, tell people it is only for sleeping and put a cute pattern on it and its a onesie and I hate to point out that they have those. So we have alot of planing to do then for something new for dumb people to buy.  Oh how about forever socks?

Her: I would buy those.  I wear 2 pairs to sleep every night. One normal pair and one super thick over them

Me: Ok but what would make them forever?

Her: Maybe make a removable tab for your toes so if they get too hot, just undo that because you're too lazy to take them on and off.

Me: Humm

Her: You know like those mittens with that, except for your feet.

Me: I think that's so you can tie your shoes and do stuff with your fingers?

Her: Or so you don't have to take them off when your hot! Look it doesn't have to make sense all it needs is an infomercial and BOOM were millionaires!

Me: We need to find the right person to sell them.

Her: Ryan would be a good salesperson right? Well does he have nice feet? We need someone with nice feet for for when the camera rooms in.


Me: Who?

Her: Who what? Who's feet? Mine aren't pretty.

Me: Ok if not who than what is zooms?

Her: Zooms in, the camera zooms in

Me: Wow! (Yea I missed that party about Ryan) Who is going to do the voice?

Her: No idea there

Me: This idea needs work

Her: All we need is a plan, we get the people to do all the work

Me: I think you need money for people.

Her: Ideas are money my friend

That is where I just had to cut it off for the night.  So see I warned you there wasn't anything important in this post!

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