Thursday, June 16, 2011

Starting A Blog Challenge

Ok so who remembers that post (here) that was well almost forever ago about a few different blog challenges I wanted to try?  There are so many fun ones out there with photos and list and what not.  Well now I have some more free time (well not really but life is kind of dull, I mean unless you want to read about all the small updates about changes to my room, or shopping trips with my mom, or thoughts about the news and just whatever else pops into my head you might appreciate these challenges.  Don't worry there will be enough post about all those things) I guess I will get started on one of these.  Please stick with me as some of them maybe extremely short/dull and others might be well just long and wordy (writing is still not my thing) and well some days I may be one of those annoying people who post twice a day every now and then. 

So lets see if I can get this started on somewhat of a good foot, I am going to start on the 30 Day Of Lists; however 30 days is a long time and some of the list are kind of dull or well just a little repetiave for me so it maybe a little less than 30 days and I may combine them.  

The problem is that I hate and I mean I HATE what the first day's list is: A Few Things About Yourself (and I kind of hate to make list, I know strange thing to pick to blog about then right?). I can never think of what it is I want to say about myself, or well what is really interesting so this list took me a little bit and well I am still not in love with it but oh well I am ready to get it out of the way and move on!  Let's see if I can get 23 "things about me" because I am well 23.
  1. I am 23 years old and am still trying to figure out life.
  2. I love my life and everyone that takes an interest in and supports me in my decisions.
  3. I have spent a year living and teaching in S. Korea and loved it (S. Korea more so than teaching).
  4. I love to travel but stink at packing, making my dreams of seeing the world kind of hard until I learn to pack more efficiently (what 2 50 lbs bags and a carry on is not efficient?)
  5. I love my family and am thankful for them everyday!
  6. I may or may not be a little spoiled blessed when it comes to some of the experiences I have been allowed to have in my life.
  7. I am addicted to my Kindle.  No joke if I lost it I think I might have a mini melt down..
  8. I could spend the rest of my life watching Criminal Minds, Law And Order, CSI, NCIS, True TV, In Plain Sights, Dexter, and so on and so forth for the rest of my life (oh and the Jersey Shore but don't tell anyone) and be just as happy as a clam.  Oh wait I almost forgot the Biggest Loser, and well almost anythign on TLC.
  9. I am what I like to call an organized mess, meaning you can't find it in my room but I can.
  10. I love to take photos but sadly really have no clue what I am doing so only like 1 out of 100 turns out any good.
  11. I can talk nonstop or be extremely quite depending on my mood and well just whoever is around.  I am one of those people you either love or hate.
  12. Scary Movie 1-3 are what I would have to call some of the best movies ever.
  13. I am like both my parents in many ways and love that fact.
  14. My grandfather was always sick and so as a kid I wanted to grow up and be a doctor and help people, maybe cure cancer and save the world.  Well sadly I hated school so I got out as fast as I could with a business degree.
  15. I love to be creative, yet I really never get to start or finish projects that I have planed. 
  16. I got lucky and am currently dating my best friend, Ryan. I am quite smitten with him.
  17. I don't really like phones, I find them to be annoying and always ringing at the wrong time.
  18. I love bright colors.
  19. I love "I Love Lucy" "I Dream of Jeanie" and well most of the things that come on TV Land (or well use to).
  20. Going shopping with my mom and trying on all kinds of crazy things is one of my favorite things to do.  I mean really what are they thinking when they make some of these things?
  21. I use the word like a lot.
  22. I may or may not have a huge bear (Big Bear) that Ryan got me for my 22nd birthday that I asked my mom to dust for me ("Mom please rub Big Bear down every few days for me") when I left for Korea.
  23. I like to sew and have made a quilt by hand and with a sewing machine (much better choice than by hand).
I also want to go ahead and knock out Day 24:  I Make A List For

Well that is easy I almost never make a list unless it is for when I got to Costco or pack for a trip. 

Hope everyone is having a great week!  I will try to keep up with this and well hey I may even add some photos or hand write out my some of my list as I work my way through this. If anyone want's to join feel free it is kind of fun in it's own way and well I would love to learn about you. 

P.S. To prove that Big Bear is quite big here is a photo of him.

You know you want one!  He was the Make A Wish bear we were selling at work 2 years ago for Christmas.

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